Nine Things To Expect As You Age

No matter how good Helen Mirren looks right now, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Older actresses and celebrities always look fantastic when they’re swanning up the red carpet, but they will have gone through the same changes in age as every other regular Juliet on the street. 

Aging hits all of us if we are lucky enough to get to that point in life, and knowing what to expect can take the edge off the changes that you could experience. So, pop the glasses on and settle down, as we’re going to take you through nine things that you should expect as you get older. 

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  1. Your Hair May Fall Out. Through life, many things make our hair fall out from pregnancy to stress. You can get more information from your doctor as to what you can do about hair loss in age, but it’s something that you should be aware of happening. It’s not nice, but slow down on the hairbrush!
  2. You Sweat Less. You may have been used to pump out sweat when you exercise or get too hot, but now you’ll sweat differently as your sweat glands shrink down and become less sensitive.
  3. Teeth Are Less Sensitive. Over time, the hard inner tissue of your teeth builds up, which makes your teeth much less sensitive on the surface. Handy, for the teeth you have left!
  4. Your Brain Shrinks. As you age, certain areas of your brain shrink down and it’s the areas that control learning and planning that shrink the most. 
  5. You’re Less Susceptible To Colds. By the time you’re in your later years, you’ve built up an amazing immune system with an excellent response. You’ve been there and caught that over the years, and it’s because of the years of colds you’ve already endured.
  6. You’ll Get Fewer Migraines. Most women who deal with migraines in life get them less and less as they age because of the changes in hormone levels that occur over time.
  7. Your Tastes Change. By age 60, most people lose half of their taste buds. This could be why you’re penchant for chocolate cake has come roaring back: you’re compensating with extra foods that are richer. 
  8. Hearing Loss Is Common. So many things are changing, and hearing is one of those things. It can begin early in life, but it’s something that is usually gradual from age 50 (or thereabouts). Hearing loss is common by age 65, which is why it’s important to see an audiologist as you age.
  9. You’ll Feel Happier. Older folks? Far more contented with life as they age. All the hard stuff feels finished and the children have flown the nest and are living their own lives. So many studies are out there telling us that older people are more contented with time, which serves why they are jollier! 

All of these things are just a part of life. Some things are nice, some not so nice, but all in all, it’s a part of life!

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