The Missed Spring Clean

When we think about spring cleaning, we tend to go over the obvious that we have done in previous years. Clearing out the cupboards, wiping over skirting boards and door frames, cleaning window sills – it’s all the usual stuff. We wait for the warmer weather and have a little bit of a spurt of cleanliness, but there is definitely some stuff that we are missing out on that requires our immediate attention.


Clothes that haven’t been worn in a while will eventually start to lose their fresh scent and can even attract moths. Take them out of the wardrobe and give them a once-over – especially if it’s something delicate that hasn’t been worn in a while like a good suit or wedding dress. Look up a clothes cleaning service near to you and send them off for a spruce. You could even clear out the clutter of the clothes that you no longer wear or need and send them off to charity or list them for sale as part of the process. It’s a double-whammy job.

Inside the Vacuum

What cleans the things that clean your things? Well, er, you do. Take a look inside your vacuum and give it a good wipe out. It sucks up all sorts of grime so that you don’t have to do the hard work, but a stipulation of this (unless you’ve got vacuum with disposable bags) is that you will have to make sure it is free of gunk every once in awhile. It stops it from building up smells and will keep it in better condition for longer.


Did you know that you are meant to vacuum your mattress one a year? It helps to get rid of the majority of dust mites that may have made your bed their home, and generally freshens it up. If you haven’t replaced your mattress in the last 8 years, it’s a good reminder to do it to keep your posture great and give you a good night’s sleep.

White goods
Now’s the time to really go to town on your white goods and give them a thorough inspection. Take a look inside the drawer of your washing machine and get it out for a closer look – chances are that there is some sort of slime or mould growing towards the back that you had never noticed before. Instead of giving your fridge a quick wipe down, take out each shelf individually and soak it while getting in every nook and cranny within, including the seal around the door. If you have a tumble dryer, clear out the lint that has gathered towards the bottom of the opening. Clear out your microwave, deep-clean your oven and make sure that anything else you use for the preparation of food has a thorough scrub before you use it again. It’s amazing how much build up you can find – just take a look at the workings of  your can-opener for proof!

the missed spring cleaning

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