A Mini Guide To Picking Yourself Back Up After Something Knocks You Down

pick yourself upHave times been hard lately? Here is a mini guide to picking yourself back up after something knocks you down.

Be kind to yourself

Let’s be honest for a second. There are enough people in the world who have put you down, or will do in the future. This might be somebody with road rage shouting at your at a traffic stop. Or, a total stranger knocking into you in the street and not apologizing. Whatever form this put-down or negativity comes in, it can start to build up. So, don’t add to it with your own harsh words and thoughts. Learn to be kinder to yourself. Not everything can be your fault. You aren’t always the one to blame. Remember these things and ease up on yourself. Tell your reflection in the mirror that you love her once in awhile. Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts will slowly begin to seep into the rest of your life. A shift in attitude can lift the burden of things like anxiety and depression.

Give yourself some breathing room

You can’t pick yourself up if there is simply too much else still weighing you down. Lighten the load on yourself. Cancel social commitments, explaining to friends that you need some alone time for a while and promising you’ll be back soon. If you usually handle five or six projects at work, ask your boss if you can cut down to just three or four for a while. If you take your kids to a different place each night, look at whether they’re old enough to get public transport on a few of those occasions. Giving yourself some breathing room in all of these areas of your life will make your recovering faster and less painful. You can get back to being a social butterfly, professional multitasker and acrobatic parent soon. Not now.

Ask for help

In this case, it doesn’t matter what has happened to you. What matters is that you learn to ask for help. Despite what those around you may think, you are not superhuman! Every could do with a little support here and there, and you are no exception. So, find help, or ask friends to help you find it! If you have mental health issues, there are specialists out there can pinpoint which form you suffer with. Once this is done, they can prescribe the best treatment. Meanwhile, if you are recovering from something that has already happened, talking it through with a counsellor could be wise.

Get a change of environment

After something bad has happened, we can find ourselves stuck in a rut. Pull yourself out of this rut by finding a new environment to spend some time in. So, it could be that you go and stay with a friend for a few weeks. Or you could book a weekend city break or a week-long beach holiday! A fresh perspective might be just what you need to recharge your batteries and get you back on your feet again.

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