May To Do List

2017-May to do listIt feels like another month has slipped through our figures so quickly but at least April for me is definitely more productive than March. After the post of April To Do List, I’m going to carry on the tradition to make a brief May To Do List. So here it goes:

Celebrate the little pleasures in life.

Talking about sand, I’m here on the endless stretch of soft, white sandy beaches in Gold Coast, QLD. I’m enjoying every moment of my holiday here, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the warm sun. In my youthful years, I was ungrateful complainer. A get away from Sydney to Gold Coast won’t count as a holiday because it’s not a big overseas trip for longer than 3 weeks. Oh how I took life for granted just like that.

Now I’d stop for a minute and remind myself that there are so many little pleasures in life that deserve to be celebrated. I’m so grateful right now – grateful for the ocean view suite I’m staying in; grateful for the big, sturdy, comfortable bed I sleep in every night; grateful for the peaceful night without neighbours banging on the wall; grateful for the maids who come to clean up everyday, grateful for the close proximity to the beach, the shops and everything I ever need at the moment…

Note to self: Be grateful. And always remember to celebrate the little pleasures in life.

Learnt to value and manage my time properly

Life has taught me many lessons. One of the most important lessons I’ve finally learnt is that we should never waste our time. It’s shocking to realise now how I’ve wasted my time so carelessly, and my priority from now onwards is to learn how to utilise my time more wisely.

Maintain a good body posture.

I realised about two years ago that I need to work on maintaining a good body posture. Unfortunately good habit never sticks that easily, so after a while I started to let myself go again. Probably my dad’s advice is the most suitable for me: go stand against a wall. 

I guess the trick is to do it every day so that it becomes natural. Stand against wall for 2 minutes – head up, shoulders back… and feel proud!

One week has gone past in may by now. Yup, time keeps marching on relentlessly. That bitch.

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