June To Do List

Can you believe half of 2017’s almost gone? If feels like I just wrote down my May to Do List last week but it is already second week of June! The subject is not exactly a to do list, it is rather a list of areas of improvement. In the month of June, I’d like to focus on improving on the following areas.

Dare to try and try my best. I think I’ve been a quitter, usually quitting at the first sign of difficulty. A lot of the times, I don’t even attempt to try – thinking it just won’t be possible. Truth is, it’s my own negativity that stands in my way. If I haven’t even tried, how would I know it is not possible! If I’ve started trying, why not give it my best shot? Most of the times what I think is my best shot is not really my best. Be daring and be persistent. Do things that scares me more often. Have no fear. Dare to try. Dare to reach out for help. Dare to try my best and accept the consequences anyway.

Be more alert. Surely I’ve talked about this topic before because it is a problem that has been recognised a long time ago. I’m very good at “mind my own business” to the extent that I almost lost in touch with what is happening around me. Being a extreme dreamer, I tend to live in my own little world and do not see what’s coming at me or hear when other people talk to me. Have you seen the movie “The Secret Lift of Walter Mitty?” with Ben Stiller in it? That’s the story of my life. I really need to remind myself all the time to pay attention and be more alert. Live in the present, not in the past or some kind of dream world.


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