To Hope And A Better Brain


the power of your brainAs someone who rarely watches TV, I’m ecstatic to have discovered the documentary Series “Redesign My Brain” presented by Todd Sampson.

It’s encouraging to see a living proof that we could train our brains and become more alert, observant and even smarter. What Todd has managed to achieve through his trainings is truly remarkable. The program was first aired in 2013. I’m almost 4 years late into the game, but still – it’s better late than never.

One episode later, it seems I’ve already benefitted from the mental stimulation. How? Let me tell you an embarrassing experience of mine first. A couple of years ago I was kind of forced to jump rope in from of a small group of people. I jumped 14 times altogether with 3 attempts – 4 or 3 times each attempt. Yeah, you can tell how fit and coordinated I am. Later on I picked up jumping rope as a form of exercise because its effectiveness. Have to admit, I don’t jump regularly enough and only occasionally made it above 100 reps in one go. What happened today after watching the program? I jumped 220 times continuously and had to stop jumping because of exhaustion. Why did I become more coordinated all of a sudden? I think the key is focus. When I jumped today, my mind was focused on the action of jumping itself, not wandering aimlessly like it always does.

I don’t have the ambition to possess a memory to remember the sequence of a whole deck of card, or the ability to open a complicated safe within a hour but I can’t wait to see what more training could do to my brain.

So here’s to hope and a better brain.


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