From Camping To Glamping

There’s a big difference between camping and glamping. Camping is your bog standard getting back to nature and enjoying the more simplistic things in life. But, glamping is a big step up from that. It’s the whole getting back to nature and loving everything that isn’t commercialised, but it’s also with that extra bit of luxury that makes it a truly wonderful experience. It is perfect for those who love the idea camping, but not the whole idea of having to rough it a little. So, here’s how you can make a camping experience into a glamping one.

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The Luxuries

The luxuries are what makes it glamping, and there’s many luxuries that you can have. We’re going to paint a picture of the most perfect glamping experience. First, you need to think about the tent. You could just get a very bog standard tent, but make sure it is big with a little living room area, and plenty of space for a double mattress to fit in. Or you could go a step up and get a bell tent. They look so cool, are much more glamping styled than a normal tent, and you can get one for a decent enough price. Second on your list should be a trip to an Outdoor Supacentre to get yourself a generator. A generator will allow you to have power throughout your trip to fuel things such as lighting, phone chargers, a stove etc. You can also visit a camping store and get essentials that will make your trip more comfortable, first on your list should be a top of the range camping mattress to give you that five star experience. Luckily for you campers the quality of camping mattresses has now improved, it’s not longer like trying to sleep on something too hard, or something that has deflated during the night so you’re sleeping on the ground. Get a duvet rather than a sleeping bag, and stock your bell tent with cute little accessories like a bedside table and what not.

The Location 

The beautiful about camping is that you can go pretty much anywhere in the world, it doesn’t just have to be your home country that you stay in. There are some truly wonderful locations that will give you that peaceful vibe you’re looking for, but whilst also making sure you’ve got plenty to do. Most camping sites have plenty to do in terms of adventurous things and relaxation. One day you could be kayaking down a river, the next you could be relaxing on the beach with a cocktail depending on where you go.

The Freedom

The freedom of glamping is amazing. You don’t have to worry about booking flights or going on an extensive holiday, all you need to do is pack your car and find yourself a location that you like. You also have freedom in terms of the peace and quiet you’ll be able to find. You won’t usually be in commercialised areas, it’ll all be about relaxation and nature.

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