DIY Tips, How To Sell Designer Handbags Online

How To Sell Designer Handbags OnlineSo… you have a couple of genuine designer handbags that gather dust in your wardrobe. You have 2 options. Find a consignment store to sell it for you which will cost you up to 50% of the selling price, or you can sell it yourself on eBay. Actually you have a third option. Keep it or give it to someone you like as a present. Gifting it may give you more pleasure than collecting a few $ from an auction. But lets say you want to sell it yourself. Pay no commission to a consignment store and maximize your return. Here are a few tips on h0w to sell designer handbags online through a successful eBay listing.

How To Sell Designer Handbags Online

  • Good photos are the most important to online selling. Most casual sellers don’t invest big on expensive photography and lighting equipment but make sure you have clear photos of the item from different angles.Crop out the unnecessary background. Don’t forget to take a picture of the date code/serial number, hot stamp (if any) of the bag. If a seller says: “I can’t find the code or it’s too hard to take a picture of the code so no photos. Most buyers will assume he/she is selling a fake and stay away from the listing.
  • Be sure the bag is authentic. Saying “I’m told this is authentic” is never enough. If you are not 100% sure about the authenticity of the bag you want to sell, it’s better not to sell it at all.
  • Have easy to read, straight to the point description of your bag. Include the size and main features of the bag. Most importantly, be honest about the condition of the bag. If the bag is well used, say it is well used instead of “well loved”. Buyers will be very disappointed if they buy something being described as “loved, in very good condition” but  receive a bag with a big hole on it. Unfortunately that does happy quite often on eBay. It is better to be upfront than having the bag returned to you with a possible red dot (negative feedback on your seller account).
  • Be realistic about your selling price. If you know the name and style of your bag, search on the internet to see how much this style has been sold for on average. You might have paid a lot for a bag and been emotionally attached to it therefor you want to sell it for as close as possible to your purchase price. But the reality is unless your item is a highly sought after limited edition or something that everybody desires, people are not willing to pay high price for a secondhand bag. Most eBay buyers are mainly bargain hunters, so it will take a long time and a few price reduction to sell you bag if the original price was set too high.
  • Don’t overcharge postage.
  • Be patient and answer all inquiries in a professional manner. Occasionally you might get rude questions, you might get asked the same question over and over again but it’s all part of the business. Try to be as helpful as you can. Genuine buyers will appreciate your help and be more willing to buy from you.

Hope this “How To Sell Designer Handbags Online” helps a little. Good luck with your selling venture of selling designer handbags online and have fun with it!

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    Vikky Nix says:

    To Sell handbags online one needs to make sure that the online business entity is designed in a sense that it reflects a luxurious experience. People first needs to experience, then they will think of buying from you. A strategically designed website will compel the visitor to engage with the platform and then to slowly enter into commerce.


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