Distressing By Decluttering And Cleaning

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Are your drawers tidy and ordered? Do you only have clothes you like and wear regularly in your wardrobe? Are all the appliances in your home essential and in working order? Is your desk piled up with unsorted paperwork? Is your car clean and well maintained? Is the area under your bed well ordered and dust free? Is there any mysterious boxes and bags of unknown “stuff” lying around your house? Do you recycle and decluttering periodically?

It’s finally Easter Weekend and I’m having a good few days to sit down and ask myself the above questions. Mostly importantly, there’s finally some time to have a good clean up. Clean up the house, clean up my mind and make life simple.

Deep cleaning is good for your soul.

The good news is I’m aware of it and have started to clean up once in while.

Storage cabinets

I’ve gone through cupboards and drawers and threw out lots of useless items accumulated. On the upside, I also found almost a full bottle of hand sanitiser. This is something money can’t buy in this current environment, you know. Hand sanitisers are sold out everywhere right now.


This is a major and ever evolving area. I’ve been ruthless this time and put a few big bags of clothes in the local donation bin. Most of them are never worn or in mint condition. From now onwards I’ll only buy clothes in neutral colours and in simple styles.

Kitchen cupboards

Gone are the slow cooker and blender. These appliances are good ideas but never used. Talking about being ruthless. There are hundreds of pretty dishes that I still can’t bring myself to get rid of. Should have only bought a couple of bowls and plates and be simple! “Unused stuff” can take up so much space and be a huge money waster. No wonder I’m poor. If you want to be financially successful, think before you buy!

Getting rid of your clutter and you’re free to redefine yourself. Your space becomes clearer. Life becomes less stressful. It makes you feel you are in control of your life by chucking out things you don’t need.

I only started decluttering a few years ago. Before that, I had all the ornaments, travel trinkets, plants, designer clothes, silver jewellery that are too fancy to wear everyday and things for projects never been undertaken.

The Chinese believe that all these unlovely, unwanted thins lying about haphazardly block the flow of energy – the chi in our homes. Obviously I’m not Chinese enough. Cutting my belongs will be an ongoing process and I need to cultivate ruthlessness.

It’s hard to feel unstressed when your home is dirty and messy. Even if it’s clean, keeping it that way is often a major cause of stress. Very often, I feel too tired or too busy to clean. But a clean home gives me so much joy and energy so there must be easier way to keep our homes clean.

The answer is clean as you go.

Get dressed as soon as you get up

I’m very sloppy when I work from home or having days off. But try this, the minute you get up, make your bed and get dressed. Wash up (make up is optional) and comb your hair. You’ll be amazed how much more productive you can be.

Aways have a clean kitchen sink

If you prepare and cook food, wipe down the counter top quickly as soon as you are done. Wash dishes when you are done with them. It’s easily said than done I know. But don’t make it a habit leaving dirty dishes pile up in the sink. With a shinning sink, you feel you are in control.

Put away clothes when you take them off

I used to have clothes piled up everywhere in the bedroom, in the bathroom. It doesn’t take much effort to put clothes away whenever you take them off. If they are clean, put them back in the wardrobe. If they are dirty, put them in the cleaning basket. It’s that easy and make you feel so much better!

Take out garbage whenever you are leaving home

Before you leave home, check if there’s any garbage to take out.

Make it a habit to declutter regularly and clean as you go. You’ll fee much less stressed and more in control of your life for sure.

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