Camellia Garden

This Winter in Sydney has been the coldest I could remember but I also discovered the most beautiful Gardens in Winter! Last month, I went to The E.G. Watehhouse Camellia Gardens the first time and fell in love with all those most beautiful blooms right away. Where have I been in the past 20 years?

After days and days of cold rain and harsh wind, you’d think the garden would appear a little sad and gloomy but no:). Camellia flowers are so hardy and care free, they just thrive in any conditions in Autumn, Winter and right through Spring! I start to understand why camellia is Chanel’s favourite flowers now.

Next time I’ll bring my camera and take some photos of those big glorious camellia blooms. For now, I’d just take time to look around and admire!

Sydney Camellia gardens Sydney Camellia gardens-2 Sydney Camellia gardens-3 Sydney Camellia gardens-4 Sydney Camellia gardens-5 Sydney Camellia gardens-6 Sydney Camellia gardens-7 Sydney Camellia gardens-8 Sydney Camellia gardens-9photos: Candidtown Photography


Hiding in the bush… sorta?? #sydney

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All the images were taken by Jay Smolak Boudoir Photography Sydney.

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