Best Destinations Outside Europe For A Splendid Stag Do

Stag parties are the powerhouse of crazy fun, unlimited booze and wonderful memories. They are no more an affair of a single night but prolongs to fantastic weekends in beautiful destinations. What can be a better farewell to your best friend’s singlehood than enjoying a fabulous weekend in a foreign city? All over the world, there are multiple cities that have the potential to be the perfect host to your stag party and offer you a fantastic bunch of activities that will leave you asking for more. We bet you will never want to come back if you don’t have a wedding to take place in a few days.

If your resources allow and if your groom team is interested, then you can fly anywhere in the world to have the most exciting weekend of your life with your best friends. Here is the list of some of the fascinating destinations outside Europe that you can consider for your stag weekend.


Dubai is probably the most glamorous, the fanciest and the wildest of United Arab Emirates. With the most charismatic luxury hotels and the most beautiful locations, this city has everything to offer to make your stag weekend gorgeous. If you have enough amount of cash to squander, then you are very much welcome in all the high- end clubs and bars to drink even though alcohol is banned in the city. But the licensed bars are the ones that can offer you your favourite drink. Dubai is nothing less than a haven for party animals. Not just that, this city has a huge bunch of activities for stag groups like visiting the indoor ski slopes, theme parks, wadi bashing and hitting the beach. In Dubai, live life king size for the weekend.


Bangkok is one of the most happening and coolest cities in south-east Asia. Even though it costs a good deal to reach the city from Europe, but after reaching the city, you will realise how inexpensive everything is. Not just the beautiful island to the south of the city is a place worth spending time; there are other places to get you crazy. The Kao San Road is the centre of all the madness and exciting things in the city. There is much to explore in the city when it comes to food as Thai food is one of the most famous cuisines of the world. You will never get enough of it.

Las Vegas

If you think party, there is no better city than Las Vegas. It is the ultimate place for stag parties and the lads who are only interested in getting wasted and squandering their money in casinos. The city has an endless list of huge, brightly shining casinos and the best clubs for unprecedented nocturnal activities. Undoubtedly, this is an expensive city, but the experience is worth spending for! The hotels are luxurious, and the American food is sure to have you asking for more. Make sure you save yourself from facial tattoos. So buys, begin the saving for some of the craziest nights of your lives.

Partying is the birthright of every individual. So why will you abstain from going crazy in some of the best cities in the world! A stag do in some of these cities might cut down your bank balance, but it will give you the best weekend of your life. What else can be better for your favourite lad before he goes to someone else and bids farewell to his singlehood! So pack your bags and be prepared to have the craziest time of your life.



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