The Beauty Judge

“It’s weird.” J commented when I put on the black and white stripy dress top. But I felt like wearing it for that occasion. Black and white pattern made me feel grounded and neutral in front of 20 girls dressed to impress.

I was invited to be judges of the international beauty competition World Battle Of The Babes, Australian final at Hard Rock Darling Barbour.  J came along to take some photos of the event. Thanks to his photos, we had a much easier time scoring all the models.


I used to come to Hard Rock salsa dancing but have not been for a long time. In between the models’ outfits competition, we chatted, looked around while sipping gin and tonic. Right there in the display window next to the stage, was this black and white outfit  belonged to a rock star stood, standing tall and proud. So I had to get J to take a photos of me – my dress top is totally on trend – just for the record;).


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