Are People With Health Insurance Healthier?

When we think of health insurance and the benefits it provides, we tend to think about instances of medical emergencies. Most people purchase this product looking for peace of mind and the reduction of risk, both in regards to their health and their finances. They know that no matter what occurs they are going to be protected. But, medical insurance offers so much more than this. It actually gives you the platform to be much healthier.

How can health insurance actually make you healthier?

Extra healthcare perks

Of course, this all depends on the level of cover you go for when purchasing a medical insurance policy, as high cover policies will obviously give you extra health perks. There are policies that cover things such as maternity care, hearing care, and dental care. This means you would be much more likely to get regular hearing checks. This means problems are picked up on much quicker.

Access to better professionals

Nonetheless, one thing that all covers have in common is access to the best hospitals, facilities, and professionals. You can be safe in the knowledge that whether you go for a check-up or you are having a major operation you will benefit from super health care. This is particularly beneficial if you are in a country whereby the overall standard of health care is low. Without international health insurance you will have no choice over the hospital you go to or the doctor you use, and thus you have no control over the level of health care you will receive.

Regular general health checks
Aside from benefitting from a better level of health care, one of the main reasons why you will become healthier by having a health insurance plan is by having regular health checks. This is a common feature of these policies. You will be more encouraged to have health checks, as you won’t have to pay for them and you won’t have to suffer extensive waiting lists or be forced to see a doctor you don’t want to. As a consequence, any health issues will be identified early. This can stop serious issues developing. You will be able to deal with any problems early, ensuring you stay as healthy as possible.

All in all, buying international medical insurance is not merely about protecting yourself in cases of emergency. You can actually make yourself healthier and reduce the chances of such a medical emergency occurring. The benefits of this should not be overlooked. After all, nothing is more important than your health!

What if you already have a pre-existing condition?

Finding a health insurance policy can be much more difficult if you are deemed to have a pre-existing medical condition. You will find it near impossible to secure a plan if you opt for a local or travel health insurance policy. However, with international medical insurance, there are options available to you. So, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know…

First and foremost, let’s begin by establishing what a pre-existing condition actually is. If you are aware that you have a medical condition, or you have experienced one or more symptoms prior to taking out an insurance policy, this is deemed a pre-existing medical condition and you will not be covered. If you lie to your insurer you are assured to find yourself in trouble later down the line. If your claim is not refused imminently, there is a very high chance that you will be required to pay your insurer the amount they have spent covering your treatment and such like. This is a risk you definitely do not want to take.

Nevertheless, the industry has progressed a lot over the past few years. If you rewind the clock back you would have found it pretty much impossible to locate a global health insurance policy with cover for pre-existing conditions. Anything related to this condition would simply be excluded. However, things are somewhat different now.

There are no guarantees, yet insurers are a lot more willing to assess each case separately. They will look at your medical history and the particulars of your condition to determine what level of cover they can provide you with when taking out an expat health insurance plan. There are several options they may present you with. They can, of course, decide to simply exclude the condition from the coverage. But there are other options, such as medical history disregard, premium loading, and moratorium underwriting.

Premium loading essentially means the global health insurance provider will charge you a higher premium rate to cover the fact that you are more likely to need treatment than other policyholders without pre-existing conditions. Moratorium underwriting means that there will be a waiting period until the condition subsides.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, do not be disheartened. A lot of people feel there is no hope for them when it comes to health insurance plans. You do not have to take out a policy that simply excludes your condition, you may find that there are other options at your disposal instead.

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