April To Do List


As a naturally undisciplined person, I find building any good habit and keeping it is a consistent struggle. The only way to deal with my problem of falling back to old bad habits is to keep reminding myself what needs to be done. Sometimes – actually a lot of times I’m too low on motivation or forget to remind myself. The past March was a unforgiving month for me as I literally didn’t do anything productive. For more than half of the month, I suffered from severe cramps, headaches, nausea. For the rest of the month I felt down and extremely low on energy and … completely let it go.

Unfortunately I’m going to be really sick every month due to my condition but I can’t let it get it in my way! For April, I’ve got to stick with the following throughout the month.

Stretch in the morning – like this cat. Yes, this is my lazy cat pose.

cat stretching

Keep reading and writing. I’ve just compiled my reading for this year. Right now, I’m up to page 30 of One Hundred Years of Solitude – a book I quit reading a couple of times already. But by the end of April, I’ll finish reading it for good. Guaranteed. As to writing, my biggest effort so far is to keep up with this blog. I started it as a hobby and wanted to abandon it several times in the first 3 years because it seemed to become a chore to maintain it. Hobby is just for fun right? Who wants extra work? – That was the old me thinking. But from January 2015 to date, I’ve been updating the blog with new blog posts every month. For sure, sometimes it felt really hard to come up with new content and it seemed so easy and tempting to just give up altogether.  But I’m glad I didn’t give up.  The effort has been rewarding – just write like nobody is reading, haha. This is my little piece of therapeutic world.

Start DIY skin and hair care routine. Lately I’ve been experimenting with DIY skin and hair care products made of natural ingredients because I started to lose trust in the products available for sale to the general public. Noticing my hair is getting thinner and drier, I’ve stopped using GHD hair straightener and hair gel with chemicals in it. I made my own hair gel with gelatine, purified water and essential oil. After seeing no result after using bottles of super expensive skin toner and serum, I now apply my own toner made of water and vinegar. Now, all of this can’t be just a one-off experiment. Remember to make it a routine. We all need a little TLC right?


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