8 Ways To Supercharge Your Life

8 Ways To Supercharge Your Life

Hardly any of my friends know that I have a blog – I’m rather secretive in a way.

Those who do know often joking say, when you get famous….

I typically don’t enjoy that kind of comment because I’m not one of those people who want to be famous.

The reason I want to keep this blog is because I want to have this space to record my thoughts, my journey, to make myself accountable.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else suffers from downward mode swings as much as I do, so writing motivational stuff often is also good for my soul.

The point is, I don’t want to spend my life feeling down. Everyone has the right to reach their full potential. So here it is:

The 8 ways to supercharge your life and reach your full potential:

1. Don’t complain.

Who wants to spend time with negative people that always complain? Unfortunately I used to be one of those people. Luckily enough, I realized that complaining is not productive. It doesn’t help anything but putting yourself and other people down.

Lighten up, look at the brighter side. There is ALWAYS a brighter side.

2. No more excuses.

Have you heard “Nobody will be impressed with your excuses?” What’s the point of making them. It’s not cool.

If you really want something, try the hardest you can to get it. That’s the only way I know about how to get what you want.

3. Stay focused.

We all have equal amount of time in each day. Some people achieve so much while others sleep walk through their lives. The thing is, most people have very similar intellectual levels, it’s just that focused people are more successful in the long run.

8 Ways To Supercharge Your Life

Sydney Botany Bay

4. Keep reading.

Never stop learning through reading.

You can’t experience everything but you can learn from other people’s experiences. You can learn so much by reading various materials from different sources.

Knowledge is gained by daily accumulation.

Read up.

5. Ditch procrastination.

We humans are good at procrastinating. It’s often much easier to up with some ideas and wait than to take action.  I find the best way to fight procrastination is to write a to do list and cross them off once you finish the task. I have no patience to wait so it’s often easier for me to take action if I write down my list of things to do.

Be decisive and take action NOW.

6. Stop regretting.

There are no regret pills for you to take. If something has been done, MOVE ON. Don’t waste your precious time thinking about it over and over.

7. Never give up.

If you really want to achieve something, never give up trying. The end result might not be as splendid as you have hoped but it would still be a lot better if you’ve tried everything you can than not trying or giving up too early.

8. Conquer fears.

Everyone has fearful moments. The difference is how you deal with your fear. Never run away from fears.

You’ll make mistakes; other people will laugh at you.Deal with it. It’s all part of life.

In return, you’ll learn from your mistakes and be a much stronger person.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Great article.
    I find that a positive step you can take is stop listening to the negative people. In our workplace I used to be one of moaners, but when I realised how depressed that was making me, I started to make changes. One of those changes was to stop joining in the moaning conversations. Now I sometimes catch the odd moan from my colleagues but i never join in.
    I can see how being subjected to constant moaning can really impact on your positivity.

  2. Bernice
    Bernice says:

    I think Focus is huge. What you focus on expands. Focus on negativity, and it seems to grow and expand in your mind. If you shift your thinking to positive thoughts and focus on those, they will grow and expand instead.
    Great post!


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