8 Essential Travel Tips for Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake that sits in the mountains along the border of California and Nevada. You can come here in the summer to relax and enjoy the views. And it transforms into a popular skiing destination during the winter. Whatever time of the year you come, take advantage of some of the Lake Tahoe vacation rentals.

This is a perfect place to come and escape the stress of daily life in the big city. Most people have an amazing experience at the lake and want to return. Here are eight essential travel tips for Lake Tahoe to make sure you’re one of those who falls in love with the location.

1# One’s Peaceful, the Other’s Active:

The Californian side of Lake Tahoe tends to be relaxing and peaceful. It’s popular with hikers and people who just want to have a quiet few days to recuperate. The Nevada side, on the other hand, is very different. You’ll find lots of casinos and the 24/7 lifestyle. Something is always happening here. A great travel tip is to split your time and experience both the Californian and Nevada sides of the lake.

2# Explore Some of the Towns around the Lake:

There are lots of small and charming towns along both sides of the lake. Truckee has a particular historical charm – it was once an old railway town and retains a lot of the character. You can see this in the architecture and general ambience on the place. A great tip is to rent a car and spend a day or two exploring some of the more off the beaten track towns.

3# Take Advantage of the Water Sports:

The summer months are perfect for water sports. It’s sunny three out of four days at Lake Tahoe making it a great place to enjoy the water. Activities include boating, kayaking, and jet skiing.

4# Visit in the Winter for Snowboarding and Skiing:

The lake is also popular during the winter with snowboarders and skiers. Large amounts of snowfall over the mountains and make it an ideal retreat. You can also relax at one of the many ski resorts to enjoy the alpine serenity.

5# Go on a Picnic:

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains. There are lots of nice places to go and enjoy a picnic with a loved one. I like to hike up to a quiet spot and enjoy a romantic glass of wine and lunch with my special someone. Or you can just head down to the side of the lake. The best things in life are free!

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If you do go hiking and plan to go for a picnic, it’s worth mentioning that there are bears in the mountains. Most of the time they’re harmless and have been living around humans for centuries. But, it can be scary the first time you see one, especially if you have food with you. The best thing to do is make a lot of noise or bang two metal objects together to scare them away.

6# Go Fishing:

The lake is full of fish and it’s a popular activity with locals and tourists. You can enjoy the glorious scenery and pleasant weather with a cold beer or two whilst fishing. This is a great way to recuperate from the daily stress of life.

7# Snow, Snow, Snow:

Snow does fall. It can come in large amounts or be completely unexpected. You should always prepare in case you find yourself trapped. The lake is usually fine from April to November. However, it’s not impossible for snow to fall in May or even June. For this reason, make sure you have shovels and a snow chain, just in case. If you don’t have any, ask the locals where you can buy some.

The mountains get a lot of snow in late fall and during the winter. Blizzards are rare but do happen occasionally. When they do, it’s often very intense and there may be power outages. Just keep this in mind if you’re visiting during the winter.

8# Don’t Rely on Cabs:

This is an important tip for people for international tourists. It’s hard to find a cab around the lake and mountains, which means you may have a few difficulties getting around. The bus also has a limited service.

If you do want to explore some of the towns and get around the lake, the best option is to rent a car. This gives you more flexibility and will probably work out to be cheaper than using cabs anyway.

Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Make the most of your trip and explore some of the smaller towns around the lake. Just don’t rely on the bus or cabs to take you around. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great vacation!

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