3 Awesome Trip Of A Lifetime Hotspots

Every year, you may partake in an annual vacation. A couple of weeks sipping sangria, catching some rays and relaxing by the pool is just what the doctor ordered when you have an overbearing boss, a stressful job and no time to think. However, sometimes we want something a little more meaningful when we take a jaunt overseas. If you are keen to take in more vistas, enjoy immersing yourself in new cultures and you want to see the heart of a destination, then you need to consider hot footing it on a trip of a lifetime. Take a look at these amazing places worthy of your exploration.

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Say G’Day To Oz

Australia is a nation of magnificent contrasts. You could head to the wonderful city of Sydney to get your cosmopolitan kicks, or you could head to Melbourne – a foodie’s paradise. Alternatively, you might want to explore the outback and take a jaunt to one of the many national parks to meet the wildlife and get up close and personal with nature. Head to Aussie Holiday Ideas and you can check out what some real life bloggers have to say about their experiences down under. If you want to immerse yourself in the Aboriginal culture and learn about the history of a nation, then you can do far worse than heading to the land of Oz.

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The Land Of The Rising Sun

There aren’t many destinations that offer so much for the discerning traveller. From Shinkansen bullet trains to Taoist temples, this is a country that embraces the modernity of life while combining it with its passion to cling onto its heritage. If you fancy partaking in a spot of sushi and you are eager to see the authentic side of Japan, head to Shiwakawago. Only a few visitors are allowed every day into this rural traditional village made up of a selection of gassho houses that are still lived in to this day. Here you will get a real look at how Japanese people lived hundreds of years ago.

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For the outdoorsy traveller who loves nothing more than immersing themselves in mountains, volcanos, cityscapes and sea trips, then Iceland has it all. You could head out onto the open seas for a spot of whale watching, or perhaps you’d rather a trip snow shoeing across a glacier. You could hire a car and take a tour across the mountain passes, taking in the snow laden vistas. Head to Iceland between October and March, and you might be lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights. There’s nothing more magical than observing the phenomenal light show of green solar flares lighting up the night sky. On many people’s bucket list, this incredible vista is best seen from one of the many dark spots away from the coast.

If you fancy a trip with a bit more oomph, consider one of these three hotspots. From here, you can tour neighbouring nations or immerse yourself within your chosen destination for a longer period of time to live like a local.

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