Just found these photos taken a couple of month ago during a weekend trip to Hunter Valley. It looked a little brown but the view was still stunning on the hills.Hunter Valley in Winter

Hunter Valley in Winter-4

Hunter Valley in Winter-5 Hunter Valley in Winter-2

Hunter Valley in Winter-3





Before you pack your bags and your gear, it’s beneficial to know when the best time is to go skiing in Japan. Many guides claim that skiing season in Japan begins in the middle of December and should last until early April, but the truth is, Japanese ski season varies and is dependent on the snow conditions at each ski resort. To make the best of your visit and to experience the best powder Japanese ski resorts have to offer, take a look at our handy guide below:

  1. From November Onwards

Popular resorts such as Niseko and Kiroro generally open their doors early to the public if the conditions are right and there has been a satisfactory amount of snowfall. Niseko is known as Japan’s number one skiing destination: it is composed of four interlinked ski resorts and enjoys 15m+ of snowfall annually. Kiroro, on the other hand, averages 17m+ snowfall every year and is close to Niseko. It may be a smaller resort by comparison, but many of the runs here are suited for beginners and first-time skiers. There should be enough snow on the slopes for beginners as well as intermediate skiers starting in November at these resorts. Best of all, you can enjoy your holiday without having to compete too much with the crowds that generally flock to this area during the Christmas season.

  1. The Holiday Season (Christmas and New Year)

While most resorts are open and there are a lot of holiday-themed activities to enjoy, going skiing in Japan during this time can feel a little hectic. The Christmas holiday season is the most popular time for Japanese people to hit the slopes, which means that you’ll have to fight crowds for space if you manage to book accommodations, and they’re almost always sold at a premium during peak season. It’s also possible that some off-piste areas have not yet been adequately covered, as December is still considered early in the season. It’s best to wait out the holidays if your heart is truly set on a Japanese ski getaway.

  1. Post New-Years’ and Onwards

January is arguably the best time to visit, if your goal is to experience cloud-like powder, smooth runs, and cold temperatures. The snow is just thick enough that flying over them is a literal breeze. However, keep in mind that many of the big, high-profile, foreigner-friendly resorts will be incredibly busy during this time. Early January is bound to be a crowded time for popular resorts such as Niseko, Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen and Rusutsu. The fire festival at Nozawa Onsen is held every year on the 15th of January and can draw a sizable amount of people, as well. During this time, accommodations at the resort sell out fast and expensive. Still, you may be able to enjoy skiing in Japan in January if you book at places that aren’t as popular with the tourists, though keep in mind that not all places have English speakers readily available and you may need to exert more effort into being understood or having your needs met.

  1. From Late January To Mid-February

You’ll want to consult a lunar calendar if you plan on hitting the Japanese slopes during this period. The Chinese Lunar New Year usually falls within this time, which means that you’ll be competing with an influx of tourists from China and Singapore if you book around their holiday. Prices will be high and accommodations hard to find. On the other hand, Japan is great to visit in February, provided that it’s past the Chinese New Year holiday. It’s generally not very busy and snow conditions are ideal.

Choosing to live a greener lifestyle can help you in your fitness goals too. If you want to be healthier, there are various eco-friendly decisions that can help you improve your diet and more. Being green often ties into living a healthy lifestyle, but some healthy decisions aren’t necessarily good for the environment. If you want to be green and healthy, try these things.

Avoid Fast Food, Takeout, and Prepackaged Food

We can waste a lot of food and packaging when we’re too lazy to cook. Everyone has days when they don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, but it’s better to prepare your own meals and freeze them. Then you can avoid unhealthy and wasteful fast food and processed foods.

Consume Less Meat

Not everyone has it in them to become a vegetarian or vegan. However, making an effort to eat less meat can help to make you healthier and save the environment too. You don’t need to have meat with every meal, so try some vegetarian dishes now and then.


Ditch the Consumer Products

Everything from electronics to gym equipment has an impact on the environment. They can often impact communities of people too. Avoiding buying or using them can help to keep you active. Put down your tablet, bypass going to the gym, and exercise in the great outdoors instead.

Make Your Home a Healthier Environment

A healthier home will help to keep you healthy. And making some green choices could assist you with your goals. Get rid of unhealthy waste in your home, and choose an eco-friendly way of disposing of it.

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What could be better than relaxing on a luxurious ship soaking up the sun rays from a deck chair whilst overlooking an island paradise in the distance? If this sounds like a dream, check out this year’s hottest tips for taking a cruise.


Why Cruise:

A cruise holiday can range in the level of luxury and price from a short half-board three-day break to a several week all-inclusive around the world trip. And everything in between. Cruisers enjoy comfortable cabins and top-class service whilst visiting multiple destinations that otherwise may be difficult to reach. You don’t have to worry about transport, just enjoy the place that you’re in.

Some ships offer entertainment and black-tie events, which give a sample of the glamorous lifestyle to make the evenings a treat. Others have buffet-style dining options to eat on the deck, your cabin balcony, or around the pool. Escaping the bad weather and the mundane 9 to 5 is the perfect excuse to book your dream cruise to let yourself unwind.

What are the Hottest Cruise Destinations?

Popular routes are around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the Adriatic. Expect to visit countless islands and soak up the history and culture of past civilisations in Greece or seeing paradise on earth in the Bahamas. Other ships take passengers around the frozen wonderlands of Canada and Greenland for a more natural cruising experience.

Perhaps it’s time to splurge and take that three-month cruise around the world visiting all of the best spots on the planet. Or perhaps not! Not everyone has the time and money to finance it and you may want to opt for a shorter trip. Shorter cruises typically sail from Southampton and take you around Belgium, France, and Spain.

Tips for Booking a Cruise:

Before you let your imagination run wild with possibilities, consider your budget and the length of the trip. Next, what type of cruising experience are you looking for? Some want to enjoy the world class service in a luxurious cabin whereas others like to see multiple destinations. When you have an idea of your criteria, start searching for what’s available and sign up for email alerts from different companies.

Special promotions and discounts are regular when they’re not meeting the passenger quota. You could save on a last minute trip if you’re flexible. Or hop on a snap sale when it comes up to get your dream trip at a fraction of the cost. Monitor prices over a period of time and, just like a lion stalks his prey, pounce at just the right moment.

More exotic cruises usually require passengers to meet at the port of departure, which means you need to arrange your own flights. This isn’t a problem and could score you a few extra days relaxing before and after the cruise itself. However, not all cruises start and finish from the same point. One cruise may have multiple stops and travel in a linear manner whereas the next could be a round-trip. Make sure you know the starting and ending points before booking flights.

cruise- close up

Make Your Dream Come True:

Cruising offers packages for all budgets and durations in a variety of destinations around the globe. Stop fantasising and make your dream a reality.


Outsiders tend to view Cambodia through a negative lens: The Khmer Rouge, poverty, and decades of neglect. But, in reality, this is overshadowed by Angkor Wat, the warm and hospitable Cambodians, and the VIP treatment towards tourists. Many go to Cambodia for a holiday just to see ancient temples and unfortunately neglect Phnom Penh.

royal-palace-Phnom Penh

Why Visit Phnom Penh:

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, gets fewer tourists compared to Siem Reap for the famous Angkor Wat. The city has faced a turbulent recent past with the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s. But Phnom Penh has recovered, which continues to impress foreign visitors.

There are two types of attractions. Either you enjoy the Buddhist culture and marvel at the pagodas and hit the museums. Or you delve into the darker side of the capital’s history. A combination of both leaves visitors with a sense of awe and humbleness after witnessing the clash of the two different sides.

The Best Tourist Attractions:

The Royal Palace, the Kings official residence, is usually the first calling point. This large complex designed in the traditional Khmer architectural style dominates central Phnom Penh. Visitors can enter a number of rooms and see the Silver Pagoda. The National Museum of Cambodia is nearby with thousands of ancient relics from the rich history of the nation. Local handicrafts, souvenirs, and insect snacks are available in the art deco Central Market.

Strolling along Sisowath Quay, the street next to the Mekong River, is a highlight for tourists during the day and night. Restaurants and bars line the streets offering an eclectic mixture of local and international cuisines. Boats take tourists on a river cruise or to the islands of Koh Dach or Koh Oknha Tei. Locals and vendors come out as the evening air cools.

Heading a little further afield for a more spiritual experience, head to Wat Phnom. The 14th century pagoda is the tallest in the city reaching a height of 27 metres perched on the hill and surrounded by parks. Monkeys roam the area to the delight and annoyance of visitors.

The Dark Side of Phnom Penh:

On the 17th April 1975, Khmer Rouge troops entered Phnom Penh and forced the 2.5 million residents out. The goal was to create a self-sustainable economy based on agriculture. Everyone had to leave or be shot. Families were split up in the chaos and confusion.

Toul Sleng, a former high school, became the notorious S21 (Security Prison 21). Residents suspected of being dissidents and those with an education were imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Survivors were forced to march 15 kilometres to Choeung Ek or what is now known as the Killing Fields. Very few people survived and more than 9000 bodies were discovered in the mass graves.

Tourists have the chance to visit both in Phnom Penh either independently or as part of a tour group. This is a very sombering and upsetting experience but something necessary to understand this city and Cambodia in general.

udong- phnom penh

A Holiday in Cambodia:

Phnom Penh combines spirituality, local traditions, and the recent horrors of the Khmer Rouge making it a worthwhile stop on your Cambodian itinerary.

With the back-to-school feeling that takes over the whole society around now, it’s no wonder that September has become the new January for resolutions. If you’ve failed to keep your New Year’s resolutions, how about making the most of the feeling of renewal and fresh start of the back-to-school / back-to-work period? Now is the perfect time to sit down and start considering the small changes you could make to improve your life day after day. It doesn’t have to be big, especially if you haven’t changed your deadline – by next year. But sometimes all it takes to improve your home, your health and your mind is to take the first step in the right direction. The rest will then follow.

Your home

If you wanted to make the most of the new year to change your home and make it a better place, it’s not too late to start. You might not have time to lengthy projects, but it’s more than enough to make small changes that keep you motivated.

The little aesthetic touches

The appearance of your home is what creates the first impression. Whether you are trying to sell, or simply to fall back in love with your home, creating a neutral look can be helpful to maximize its unique features. Make your home a blank canvas for you to paint again, or for future homeowners if you’re putting the house on the market. Start with the garden, the first thing that people see, and turn it back to its green splendor with natural grass. Then why not paint your external wall to revive the house and make it stand out in the street.

The safety additions

The look is one thing, but your security is another. Keeping your home secure doesn’t need the installation of complex and expensive alarm systems. Sometimes, all you need is a set of sturdy doors for your front entrance, and for your garage. As silly as it might sound, a solid and modern door can discourage many burglary attempts. Another good tip is to change your windows, especially if they’re old and without double glazing. These can be far too easy to force, or even to break, to intruders.

The comfort gadgets

How about enjoying the warmth inside while it’s rainy and cold outside. The cold weather might not have started yet, but it’s for sure on its way and within a few weeks Fall will be there. So you need to make sure that your home is comfortable and stays warm – without breaking the bank – it might be a good idea to consider a smartphone-controlled system

Your health

Your health is precious, and you need to look after it if you want to maintain it. However, it’s often easy to fall back into bad habits. But every little change you make in September will build up towards a healthier you.

No more unhealthy food habits

So you’ve decided to eat healthy food this year, and somehow you’ve found your way back to your worst junk food craving habits. It can be difficult to ditch processed food when you think of your favorite pack of crisps or a nice pizza. But you’d be pleased to know that these cravings are controlled by your brain in the same manner than addictions are. You can train your brain to hate junk food. Start with the basics: Don’t buy food that is likely to be unhealthy – no more than five ingredients on the label. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it! Transform an unhealthy treat into a healthy choice, by making your treat a nice fruit for example.

Small and regular workouts for all


Every New Year’s it’s the same thing: You swear to workout, and you never come around to it. Don’t postpone it any longer and start with something simple today. Setting realistic goals, such as being active throughout the day by avoiding lifts and motorized transports for short distances, can help you to get used to sports. Then make sure to schedule your workout sessions to fit in your everyday life like any other appointment. It’s easier to stick to it!

Train yourself to better sleep

Do you know how many people struggle with sleep? So you can learn to relax with a pre-bed routine as you will rapidly feel more energized day after day. Practicing relaxation exercises and deep breathing before bed can help your body and mind to release negative tensions. Or if you worry too much to sleep, write down a list of your worries so that you can address them efficiently.


Mental health is often ignored in everyday life. But if you’ve found yourself struggling with feeling happiness in your life, or too stressed out to enjoy yourself, then it’s time to take the first steps towards your recovery. You might need in the longer term to change your job or to address personal issues to find happiness, but it doesn’t hurt to soothe the mind first.

Relax with a creative hobby

Creative hobbies are extremely relaxing for the mind as they help you to express your emotion through the power of creation. There are plenty of artistic hobbies that can help you to free your mind. If you’re the kind of person who loves to stay organized, you should try keeping a bullet journal, as these can be very rewarding for the mind and for the eyes too! More of an artistic soul? Try to make paper flowers. They’re tricky, but they look stunning!  

Take some me time

You need some time by yourself to reboot your brain and your soul. Me time is essential to your happiness and your sanity. Don’t be afraid to reserve some time for yourself; it’ll make you feel better in your skin.

In the end, what’s stopping you from making the little changes in your life to improve your home, your health, and your mind now? Don’t wait until Next Year to build a better you!

Say cheese! The utterance of this phrase will generally provoke one of two emotions in people. The first? An instant smile, bearing a mouthful of teeth ready for the camera, or shying away in embarrassment. Your teeth have a huge effect on your appearance and consequently, a profound effect on your self-confidence. So, how do you go about ensuring that they are something that you are proud of? Follow these few simple steps to get the most out of your teeth, keeping them healthy, clean and beautiful.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

The first thing that most people will notice about your smile is its shade. The whiter your teeth, the healthier and more aesthetically pleasing the majority of people will find your smile. The good news? Maintaining pearly whites is relatively easy. All you need to do is keep on top of your dental hygiene regime. This should involve cleaning your teeth thoroughly twice a day (preferably once in the morning and once at night). You can achieve equally good results with a manual brush or electric brush, as long as you use them properly. Next? Flossing. You should use dental tape between your front teeth and good brushes to effectively clean the larger gaps between your molars. Finish off by rinsing with a minty mouthwash.

Straighten Things Up

Straight teeth are a highly desirable trait. Take a look at almost any advertisement. When celebrities come into the spotlight, you will also notice that one of the first things to change about them physically is their smile. Over time celeb smiles generally get straighter and whiter. So, if you don’t naturally have the most aligned smile, you’ll be glad to know that there are options out there for you! The most obvious options commonly available are braces. carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes

Control Your Diet

While dental procedures and dental care are of huge importance when it comes to achieving a brilliant smile, there are plenty of other things that you can focus on to maintain your stunning set of pearly whites. One of these things? Your diet. Your diet can have a profound effect on the health and appearance of your teeth. Let’s start with the obvious: cut back on sugar. We all know that sugary treats can greatly damage the health of your teeth, as they often come hand in hand with tooth decay. While your mouth is home to all sorts of bacteria, not all types are detrimental to your oral health. Some even contribute greatly to the ecosystem of your mouth. However, sugar acts as a food source for certain types of harmful bacteria that then go on to produce acid which damages your teeth. So, sugar itself doesn’t cause damage to your teeth, but it does make your home a hospitable and inviting habitat for negative bacteria which will take on the task of destroying your teeth on its behalf. So, keep sugary foods and drinks to a minimum. Instead, opt for sugar-free snacks. Chances are that these will be better for your overall health and wellbeing in general, so it’s a win-win lifestyle change. As well as kicking sweet treats and beverages to the curb, you should also avoid dark drinks that can dull your smile. These can include red wine and coffee. While indulging in these drinks every now and then won’t do you any harm, you should avoid consuming them on a regular basis. They are notorious for staining your teeth over time.

red lipsticks

Understand Visual Tricks

The power of makeup strikes again! If you are partial to wearing a little lipstick, make sure that you are aware of the effects of different shades on the appearance of your teeth. It is a commonly accepted fact that red lipstick makes your teeth appear brighter and whiter than other shades. Purples and pinks are likely to give your teeth a comparatively yellow appearance. So, be bold and go for a blue toned red lipstick if you can!

Following these simple steps will ensure that your teeth are as healthy as can be and look as good as possible. While you may have to make small changes to your lifestyle, the results will be more than worth the effort.

There are only four months left of 2017 so now is as good a time as any to start looking ahead to the new year. After all, we only have four months to get our new wardrobes all ready!

So, what’s going to be a sartorial hit in 2018? I’ve been taking a look at all the latest catwalks and fashion shows and think that these are some of the biggest fashion trends that will sweep us all away next year!

fashionable 2018


Every season there seems to be a different colour that becomes extremely fashionable. Looking ahead to next year, it looks like silver is going to be the flavour of the year. Lots of shows recently have dressed up their models in some beautiful sterling silver garments – think glam bomber jackets and shiny silver maxi skirts. Of course, the colour won’t be used in such an avant garde way when it hits the high street shops, so expect to see it being added as small touches to the clothes you buy!

Double Denim

Just a few years ago, you might have been laughed at for walking down the street in double denim. But now that has all changed, and this look is very much en vogue. But you will find that denim jackets become a lot more sophisticated, and they could even lose their reputation as being an item of casual clothing. In 2018, they will be tailored and extremely elegant. And they will certainly go well with some dark denim jeans!

60s Folk

The 60s will be back in 2018 – in our wardrobes at least! The folk trend will see fashionistas clash their bright patterns and head towards a very trendy look. In fact, looking at these Indie and Harper bohemian necklaces, it looks like this folky look is already here in our shops! As well as clashing Bohemian patterns, you should also try and clash your materials. The double denim look won’t work well done in a folky fashion, that’s for sure, so stick to one or the other!

Fur And Feathers

The best way to make your clothes as comfy and cosy as possible? Add some fur and feathers! Thankfully, these are set to be huge in 2018. When it comes to feathers, look for clothes that use ostrich feathers, as these are set to be extremely popular. And as for your furs, they need to be bright and bold. It’s all about making a statement with your feathers and fur this year.

Office Wear

There’s nothing better than getting home from work and slipping into something a bit more comfortable than your office wear, right? Well, you might not get the chance next year! That’s because office wear looks like it could become very popular and might even become a trend in casual wear. So, don’t take off that suit just yet!

Hopefully, one of these coming trends looks interesting to you. But these aren’t the only trends set to take over 2018. Keep watching the catwalks for more insights of what is to come!

Our time on this earth is limited, so there’s nothing worse than feeling as though we aren’t moving forward. Unfortunately, millions find themselves trapped in the unforgiven cycle. Worse still, though, the vast majority pray for a change without making any positive steps to make it happen.

It is possible to escape the rut, but you are the only person that can achieve it. Regaining control with the four simple steps below will go a long way to helping.

escape the rutFocus The Mind

The human mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal by far. Sadly, modern life has a way of knocking your confidence to leave you feeling as though all effort is futile. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Positive thoughts can go a long way to boosting your sense of motivation. Meanwhile, experts like John Arber can provide the psychological support needed to reignite the fire. Once you are back in the right frame of mind, nothing can hold you back.

Active mindset training can be supplemented with regular exercise. The release of endorphins is great for natural well-being. Besides, the physical gains can only boost your confidence too.

Set Realistic Goals

A positive frame of mind gives you a solid foundation to work from. Before stepping on the road to success, though, you must gain a sense of direction. Without it, you run the risk of falling into the trap of mindless wandering.

Success breeds further success while failure breeds future failure. Therefore, it’s best to use regular checkpoints en route to achieving long-term goals. This tactic can be used for career goals, relationship goals, and other targets.

Besides, having your mind focused on the next target makes the overall challenge feel far less daunting. Again, this can be massive for your ongoing motivation.

Get Organised

Gaining motivation is one thing, but life can still pass you by if you’re unorganised. Without managing your days properly, productivity levels will rapidly decrease. Not least because you’ll waste time without even realising it.

Getting organised isn’t just about to-do’ lists and tracking your progress. Adopting a sense of structure is equally important. From drinking more water to achieving better sleep patterns, those lifestyle upgrades can make a world of difference. If nothing else, those positive steps show that you are more than capable of achieving success.

Above all else, being organised will make it easier to highlight where you are doing well and where you can make improvements.

Remove Negativity

It’s a strange phenomenon, but a single negative influence can undo the good work of various positive elements. Therefore, one of the most important steps to getting back on track is to step away from people that are holding you back. This can seem difficult, but the Her Campus guide should help.Sometimes, you simply have to put yourself first.

People aren’t the only negative influences. Alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling can all be problematic features. As with brain training, support is available. Acknowledging the issue is a breakthrough in itself. Don’t give up now, and you’ll be back to your best in no time.

Oh hello Spring! Today is the 1st of September which means it’s officially Spring in Australia! So happy to know that Spring and Summer’s warm weather is not far from us as this Winter felt like an eternity. Battling with cold wind, I’ve been all wrapped up in black and different shades of grey coloured outfits in the last few months. It’s definitely time for a change. While it’s still really cold and I can’t change the weather, there’s always online shopping – a wardrobe update is due:).

Since I discovered this fabulous online fashion platform last year, Lyst’s been my go to place to check what’s on trend from different designers. With Australia’s increasing influence in the fashion industry, this time I’d share with you my pick from the following 5 best selling brands on Lyst:

4.C/meo Collective
5. Finders Keepers

Here’s a selection of my favourite products from the 5 brands – in no particular order:


  1. Quay Australia All My Love Cat Eye Sunglasses In Pink. Quay Eyewear is sunglasses label dedicated to the recreation of vintage styles. When it comes to sunglasses, I normally stick to my Ray Ban aviator, Karl Lagerfeld retro shades or Dior oversized frames. But those Pink Cat Eye sunglasses really caught my attention – how fun would that be to wear them! It must feel so good to see the world through a pair of rose coloured glasses!
  2. Finders Keepers Lucie Pants In Cherry. Over the years of experimenting, I’ve learned a few tricks to make my legs looks longer in pants:Wear high waisted pants; wear super long bootcut pants paired with super high heels/platforms or; wear cropped pants. Look how cute are those cropped parts from Lucie – they are flared with little splits at the front. The material is also heavy weight to help them stay in shape. Also available is the black color but do I really need another pair of black pants? Go cherry.
  3. C/meo Unstoppable Top. When it comes to choose lightweight tops, I always prefer cotton or silk for obvious reasons. They feel good on your skin and they are good for your skin! I was drawn to the beautiful shade of blue of this cotton shirt from C/Meo. The overall style is fairly simple with a very clean cut and no buttons on the front but check out those flared sleeves with tie details – love!
  4. Keepsake Women’s Pink Stay Close Long Sleeve Silk Top. I remember saying Pink flowers are the only pink things I like. But look at it now – I’ve picked a pink top in addition to a pair of pink sunglasses! Love this feminine long sleeve shirt with open shoulder and thick chocker detail. Guess what, it’s made of silk. Who could say no to that?

Sometimes, we all need a little help in the morning. Caffeine has been being used for this purpose for thousands of years, providing a boost on the days when sleep alone doesn’t quite seem to have been able to get the job done.


For most of us, caffeine comes from a single source: coffee. Coffee consumption has reached almost cultish levels; have you ever seen the number of different items you can buy, proclaiming your love for coffee? Drink coffee, it seems, and you confirm yourself as a sophisticated adult.

The problem is, drinking the same beverage day in and day out can get a little… well… boring. Yet you’re in need of a caffeine fix, so you stick with the coffee because what else can you do?

Well, here are a few options for caffeinated beverages that don’t include coffee in the line up. Why not see if something sounds tempting enough for you to want to give it a try?

  1. Green Tea

Okay, so, green tea. Let’s be real about this. Green tea is not nice. Few – if any – people have ever tried their first sip of green tea and muttered: “ooh that’s good!”. Even when compared to even the bitterest of coffees, it’s still not going to come out on top.

However, green tea is caffeinated. Not as much as coffee – you’d need to drink three cups of green tea for the same amount of caffeine as found in a single coffee – but it’s there. There are various ways to make green tea more palatable as well, such as honey and a slice of lemon. Given that green tea also has a myriad of health benefits, it’s worth considering.

  1. Chai Latte


You may be familiar with the word ‘latte’, but chances are you primarily associate it with coffee. However, the Chai latte is a different beast; for a start, it’s made from tea rather than coffee. It’s a unique taste that still has the delicious creaminess of the coffee version. Along with a gorgeous blend of spices, it’s comforting and tasty, while having a little zing to it also.

There’s plenty of caffeine to be found in a Chai latte as well. Again, it’s not quite as much as coffee, but it’ll be enough to perk you up when you need some help in the morning.

  1. Pu-erh Tea

As our final option, let’s explore something a little more esoteric. Unless you’re a real tea aficionado, chances are you’ve never heard of Pu-erh tea. While it is slowly making its way into markets around the world, it’s still something of a hidden secret.

Pu-erh is Chinese in origin – and if any nation knows their tea, it’s the Chinese. Unlike regular black or green tea, Pu-erh goes through a different – and longer – fermentation process. The result is a delicious tea with a malt kick to it. If you have trouble sourcing Pu-erh tea, your best option might be eBay – you can usually buy it loose leaf and then brew it yourself.

So while coffee may rule the roost, there are plenty of other options for your caffeine fix – so why not give one a try?


Food, glorious food. It’s a fundamental feature of living a healthy life, and is also one of the simple pleasures that can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. Frankly, it’s significance in our world should not be ignored for a second.

We all love a treat at great restaurants, especially when there’s a cause for celebration. When it comes to daily eating habits, though, avoiding negative influences is essential. Here are four very common mistakes, along with what you can do to overcome them.


#1. Not Understanding Intolerances

The right diet isn’t all about giving your body the nutrients it craves. It’s equally important that you protect it from things it doesn’t like. If you often feel unwell or bloated after eating, you may have an intolerance to gluten, dairy, or something else. These are more common than ever before, so being tested is essential.

In truth, you’ll probably know about dangerous situations from a very early age. However, the discomfort of eating foods that your body rejects can be telling. Educate yourself on your body’s reactions, and you will not go far wrong. Even if the upshot means spending more on groceries, it’s worth it for greater happiness.

#2. Confusing Thirst With Hunger

There’s no doubt that overeating is one of the most common mistakes that people tend to make. In many cases, it’s because people fall victim to making food when they actually want a drink. Correcting this issue can make a world of difference.

Another regular problem is to consume empty calories with energy drinks and sodas. Drink tea instead. Once you’ve found the best ones for your taste preferences, you’ll never struggle to remain refreshed.


#3. Skipping Breakfast

Whether you’re bothered about body image or not, ignoring the most important meal of the day is a huge error. After an entire night of not eating, your metabolism needs a boost. Even if it’s only a small meal, you must eat something. Otherwise, you’ll be lacking energy while the body can enter starvation mode too.

Besides, not eating now will encourage you to eat larger quantities throughout the day. This can be a major issue for those looking to lose weight but is also problematic for those that aren’t. There’s nothing worse than eating yourself into feeling uncomfortable and bloated. This is especially true when heartburn arrives.

#4. Overcooking Food

Most people are concerned about undercooking their food, especially when it comes to meats. In reality, though, overcooking can be just as damaging. Learn about the risks of overcooking to see those links to cancer and other deadly causes. It’s simply far too important to ignore.

It might be down to personal preferences, but most people believe overcooked food to be less tasty too. After all, the burnt elements will overpower the taste of natural ingredients. For the sake of your enjoyment, as well as your health, avoiding this issue is essential. Because you deserve the best eating experience possible.

Australia is a huge place, but you didn’t need anyone to point that out to you. Still, the point is that you’re not going to be able to see it all (unless you return for hundreds of trips). Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you have to feel disheartened about missing certain key parts. If you plan your adventure well then you can see all the greatest sights of Australia in one fun-packed trip. Here are the things you definitely need to see when you visit the land down under.



It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without seeing the beautiful capital of New South Wales: Sydney. We’re putting this one on the top of the list, however, because it’s not even the best place you’ll see in Australia. Still, even though capitals often aren’t the best thing a place has to offer, they’re certainly places that you need to see. Sydney is no exception, as it’s the hub of culture, entertainment, and iconic sights (often rolled into one in the case of examples such as the Sydney Opera House).

There are also a heap of beautiful beaches in the capital, and if you want to get a taste of Australia at the beginning of your trip then you should definitely head down to the coast. You don’t really need a guide for that part of your trip; you’ll find so many incredible things along the coast, such as surfing and boating opportunities, that you’ll want to just go with the flow, so to speak.


Melbourne is another stunning city that you certainly have to see. Of course, there’s a lot of culture and entertainment in the center of the city, but there’s also a tonne of beautiful scenery and nature trails to explore in the surrounding area of Melbourne. You might want to consider hiring a 4 wheel drive because there’s nothing more satisfying than packing your belongings into a car and heading off into the wilderness. You could camp beneath the stars, or simply admire some of Australia’s beautiful natural landscapes from its long stretches of open road.

The Great Barrier Reef.

When it comes to exploring the beauty of nature in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is certainly one of the best sights you’ll possibly see whilst you’re down under. It’s something that you have to see to believe and words certainly don’t do the reef enough justice. Diving down there is certainly something you’ll have to try (with professionals) because there’s an entire underwater kingdom unlike anywhere else in the world.

The ecosystem in the coral down there is over 2300km long. That’s a long way, in case you were trying to estimate the length in your mind. There are hundreds and hundreds of different species down there too; the kind of fish that, again, you won’t see anywhere else in the world. You could always go to a zoo in Australia, but the best way to experience wildlife is to simply go out and see it with your own eyes.

We humans used to live as nomads for about ninety-nine percent of our history. Following the various herds that kept us alive, we even dared to explore the freezing Scandinavia just to get a bit more of that succulent reindeer meat, living like true opportunists and going where there might be food and comfort.


While it’s difficult to say exactly what happened and why we suddenly settled down as farmers, in the end, we do know that some people still carry this nomadic lifestyle close to their heart – even though it’s safe to say that we’ve evolved quite a bit since that time.

Maybe they always see the grass as a bit greener on the other side, or maybe they just have a particularly restless soul that would leave any steady farmer in confusion and disbelief.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you prefer, here is an insight to the various lifestyles across the world – and how you too can pull off a nomadic lifestyle if you’d like to.

The Nomad and the Settler

The thing with lifestyles is that it tends to find you, rather than being sought out – you’ll feel it in your heart, and to settle for anything else will usually leave you with a discontent and unhappy feeling. When you’ve been on the move for a while, it’s typical for many to feel a need to set root somewhere, to have a place they can call home and connect with.

Maybe you’ve been moving houses so many times in your life already, that the thought of a large home with all of your family members in one place makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. During the big emigration from the Nordic countries to America, Norway’s Hamsun wrote with scepticism in his book Wayfarers about the people who left their home country and had ‘pulled their roots up from the ground, dragging them restlessly around with them.’

When you’ve been on the move for a while, and you’re just ready to have a steady home, it certainly can feel like you’ve been pulling those roots with you for too long – and it’s time to get grounded again.

The nomadic soul, on the other hand, is tired of being bound to one place all the time and prefer to travel with few possessions. It could be a temporary fling, and many of us snap out of it by the time we’d like to have a family and live a relatively normal lifestyle.

There are quite some, on the other hand, who never snap out of it – and who would return to their home country for a bit, just to rush off again at the sight of a new adventure – much like the young wanderers, August and Edvard, in Hamsun’s novel.

#1 The Skilled Wanderer

When you have a set of skills to offer, there are many opportunities all over the world. The only requirement is that you need to enjoy what you do – and, of course, be tempted to go from one place to the next, wherever your skills are needed.

Carpenters are, for example, the perfect candidates for a nomadic lifestyle. No matter where you go, people are in need of good wood-work, and it’s in high demand all over the world.

This means that you can easily offer your services on a building site or a smaller project, ask for accommodation there as you’ll be working from early dawn to when the sun sets, and be fed as well in exchange for your services.

You can probably negotiate a different deal if you’re not keen on the thought of waking up among other unwashed carpenters every day – but even if you get paid, you can save a lot of money on living rough for a bit.

Remember that if you’re slightly creative, you can easily make a living while travelling as a freelancer. Set up a blog before you go and develop it enough to earn a bit on the side, bid for jobs online, or offer your counseling services through Skype. The world is your oyster when you have a decent client base, a functioning laptop, and a stable Internet connection.

#2 Intentional Communities

While we’ve all seen too many movies and probably associate these communities with long-haired hippies who live off the earth, it doesn’t have to be like this – although that sounds kind of nice, by the way. There are so many people out there who just want to live without depending on money and society – so they’ve simply formed their own and sustain themselves by helping each other.

It’s kind of like we used to live, back in the days, when everyone had their own little patch of land in their backyard and traded whatever they had an excess of.

Try to find a community that focuses on something that you’re interested in. Permaculture, nudity, religion, and extra-terrestrials are common points of gathering to find in communities like these. You can head off and live with one of these and then find another community to get involved with when you start to feel restless again.


Just keep in mind that while you’ll find oddballs all over the world, the chances might be especially high in places like this – alternative lifestyles attract alternative people, to put it like that. You might consider yourself one of them, so go and check it out for yourself, have an experience of a lifetime, and stay safe.

#3 Boat living

Anyone who dreamed of sailing the seven seas when they were younger might have considered this lifestyle already. Even if you dreamt of something very different, the thought might have tempted you in any way – who doesn’t love the idea of living in a boat?

It’s the perfect combination of a nomadic lifestyle and a settler’s; stay for as long as you’d like in one place, and set off to discover the next one down the Australian coast.

Needless to say, boat living doesn’t come for free, so consider freelancing or remote work while you’re enjoying your new lifestyle of complete freedom.

First of all, you need to have a boat – which is usually costly, unless you’d like to spend a couple of years on building one yourself. I’ve met some people who spent five years on building a magnificent boat that could house about twenty people – they sailed all over the world and had a blast.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, I’ll pass on the advice they gave: find locals to help you out that knows what they’re doing. Although my friends at the boat took all the credit for building it, the captain was quick to admit that he mostly took instructions and could never have done it without their help.

They even had to find wood in the correct shapes to build that boat, people; it looked absolutely stunning.

Test it out on a holiday first, before you decide once and for all to live the rest of your life as a sea person. A lot of holiday places offer boat harbour accommodation which can give you a taste of the life at sea before you commit to it and have a long look at this article first.


#4 Live in a native village

Although it sounds kind of like living in an intentional community, it’s far from it. While the people in those communities have chosen to live outside of the society and usually enjoy an alternative lifestyle, the native villagers are at the center of their society.

They have certainly not chosen to live any differently than the neighbours they grew up with; they enjoy a slow life, watch the skies, talk about the weather, and help each other out with their daily chores.

If they accept you – and you can’t expect them to welcome every stranger with open arms, you’ll have the ultimate experience of going back to basics and getting to know a very different culture than our own.

You have to make yourself useful, of course, and find your spot in the village. If you’re a good fisher, help them with this, or enjoy the daily activities of the village by helping out with cooking and cleaning, taking care of the children, and everything else we need to do to live a happy and healthy life.

That’s what it’s about when you withdraw from your regular society and find peace with a group of people who are not rushing off to meet the next deadline or to pay the next bill; it is the rhythm of everyday life and of helping each other. You might even pick up a new language while you’re there – which you should if you’d like to be as included in their culture as possible.

With so many opportunities, it would be sad not to listen to your gut feeling and explore the world – people did, after all, take the chance and set off to America on a ship that spent about two months before it reached land.

They didn’t know what awaited them over there or if they were to be happier – but some of them did return home, speaking a different language, and introducing their former neighbours to an entirely new way of living.

One problem with travelling around Australia? You can’t see it all in one go. We’re talking about a country the size of a continent here, so you’re going to have to pick and choose a little. Whether you are a home traveller, or you’re coming down under from the other side of the planet, you’ll need to plan your trip out. But how can you decide on where to go, how to make the most of it, when there is just so much to see and do? As it turns out, there are some simple things you can do to get much more out of your Australia travels.


Do More Than Plan

One common and likely response to the sheer amount of options is to spend part of your holiday planning it out. Although a little planning beforehand is recommended, when you are actually on the road you want to make the most of the time you have. For that reason, one of the most important things you can do is to spend more time actually seeing and doing things compared to the amount of time you spend thinking about it. It might sound simple, but you’d be surprised at how often people waste their travels thinking about the next thing and the next thing – instead of just doing it.

Arrange The Transport First

If there is one thing that you should definitely arrange first however, it is the transport. You don’t have to worry about every little thing, but at least having the major transport links sorted will help you to spend more time on seeing what you want to see, and doing whatever you feel like doing. Similarly, you might find it is highly beneficial and a huge time-saver to plan any excursions you might want to do. From a boat tour of the Gold Coast to a city-stop in Sydney, make sure you have the basics plotted, sorted and – hopefully – paid for. That way you can spend less time arranging the basics, and more actually enjoying yourself.

Know Your Next Stop

When you are travelling over such a large area, it really makes a huge difference if you have the luxury of knowing where your next stop is. Australia is riddled with many different kinds of accommodation, from five-star hotels right through to youth hostels. You will probably be spoiled for choice, but there might sometimes be a stretch of desert or a mile or two of the bush in between destinations. Having the next one fixed firmly in your mind will ensure that you won’t have to worry about it. That means you can see more of Australia than you might have imagined, and with a great deal less stress.

Australia is vast, but with the right mindset and a positive approach, you can see a surprising amount of it in one trip. And if you feel as though you have been a little short-changed, you could always come back next year!