So this is another year I failed loosing 5 kgs. Oh well, I did loose 3 kgs without having to starve myself for the first 4 months of this year then maintained my weight for another 2 months. For the second half of 2017, I got myself into some project work that requires me staying in the office for very long hours. It all went downhills from there. Adjusting myself from working from home to going to an office everyday was hard, my whole body went to survival mode and I just worked, slept, ate a lot and felt depressed for months. As a result, I’ve put back on all the lost kgs plus some extras. Yay?

Today, on the last day of 2017 I’ve finally managed to sit down and reflect the past year and write down my main takeaways of 2017.

The main thing I learned in 2017 is the importance of personal financial management. If I’ve managed my personal finance better, I wouldn’t have to be this situation. I never cared about money and spent as freely as I wanted. Invest wisely is also a key factor of retiring from office work earlier. But I recklessly played in Forex market and lost $100K +. Selling my investment properties too early (right before the huge boom in Sydney) also helped me be poorer than I should have been.

I also felt the urgency to sharpen my senses. My vision is a lot narrower than my younger peers and I find myself having difficulty understanding a person who’s talking to me – especially when someone talks fast and softly. This is partly because English is my second language (but hey, that’s not a valid excuse – I’ve been in Sydney for 20 years!), partly because my brain isn’t processing what I hear quickly and accurately enough. I played a little brain exercise games but soon gave up because the result wasn’t encouraging enough for me to keep playing. You see, one of my biggest weakness is quitting too easily.

I realised that I don’t have as much energy as an average person. Because of iron deficiency, I’m feeling exhausted all the time. Maybe it’s due to family genes. My mum is 70+, she sleeps more than 12 hours a day and still has a huge appetite. So basically all she does now is sleeping, cooking and eating. That scares the hell out of me. I really don’t really want to end up having a life like that! But looking at myself now, I’m not that much different. All I do is going to work, eat then sleep! The only difference between me and my mum is that mum has given up on her life and I still have the desire to be a better person. I’ve got to find a way to have more energy and squeeze more time to do things that I always wanted to do!
The solution to above problems?
Firstly, I need to learn to track my spending and stop gambling (Forex trading is Gambling!). Secondly, I need to force myself to do brain exercise regularly. Stop browsing on the phone and I’ll have time to work one something that’ll hopeful benefit my wellbeing. Also, I need to take iron tablet and Vitamin C everyday. It’s sad that I have to depend on pills to give me more energy but whatever helps. Lastly, eat less and move more! I’ve never been a fan of exercising but again, whatever helps.
Thank you 2017 – I’ve learned so much more about myself and am now ready to tackle another brand new year!
2017-12-31 12.57.18

Books and quotes by cult actresses, writers, nation’s first ladies, talented designers and public figures inspire and motivate, reminding that any life difficulty can be handled with dignity.

These ladies women try to share their rich experience and valuable knowledge with the entire world through their inspirational interviews, which turn into strong independent women quotes.

So, would you like to find out what secrets the great ladies keep in their minds? Scroll down to find the best up-to-date successful women quotes and start changing your life right now.

Reese Witherspoon

[famous actress, director, and fashion designer]

There are a lot of people in life who want to tear you down or get you involved in their drama. That’s a big life lesson that is hard to learn when you’re young, but as I get older, I see women weeding people out of their lives. This is healthy. You don’t need to be a good friend to someone who’s not a good friend to you. You don’t even need to be a good daughter or sister or wife to somebody who’s not good to you. It goes that far.”

quote RW

Mindy Kaling

[actress, comedian, and author of best-selling books]

“People talk about confidence without ever bringing up hard work. That’s a mistake. I know I sound like some dour older spinster chambermaid on Downton Abbey who has never felt a man’s touch and whose heart has turned to stone, but I don’t understand how you could have self-confidence if you don’t do the work… Confidence is like respect: you have to earn it.”

Kathleen Hanna

[singer, musician, artist, feminist activist]

“Sit down and ask yourself, What is the most important thing to me? What grosses me out the most? What makes me the most upset — is it healthcare? Is it so many people being hungry in our culture? Is it sexual abuse?  Mix that with doing something you love, something you could keep doing forever and ever. For me, it was ending violence against women, and I mixed it with music. And I’ve had a 25-year career. So that’s my advice: Find something you really care about and mix that with something you love doing.”



[singer, actress, director, songwriter, and dancer]

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about purpose. We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them. Women have to take the time to focus on our mental health—take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.”

quote B

Elizabeth Gilbert

[American essayist, short story writer, biographer, novelist, and memoirist, author of the best-selling Eat, Pray, Love]

“It’s a rare and amazing thing to be a human being who has any kind of agency over their lives at all, and I just can’t give a shit where people put me in the filing cabinet of their own imagination… But it’s a question of, look, the clock is ticking, we have to limit where we put our energies and resources, and I’m not going to put them into caring what other people think of me.”

quote E

Oprah Winfrey

[American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, and producer]

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.”

quote OW

K. Rowling

[British novelist and screenwriter]

“There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

quote JMaya Angelou

[poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist]

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

quote K

We are all different and draw our strength from different sources, however, hard working woman quotes are one of the richest goldmines women ever created to stay strong, positive, and keep doing against all the odds.

These days every employee of any big or little company knows what the dress code is. And this concept turns into a huge issue when a businesswoman has to decide what to wear to work in winter.

Dropping temperatures, lack of sunshine, winds, snows, and rains make a sweater with deer or a duvet the perfect outfits of the season. Unfortunately, office dress code doesn’t allow styles like these. And here a lady is facing the challenge: how on Earth can I stay smart and on trend while keeping warm and cozy?

Luckily, today it’s quite easy to prevent winter weather send you into a style rut and create fantastic stylish silhouettes of office outfits.

So, what to do? How to share the focus between staying warm and looking on-point? Let’s figure it out and share some winter office outfit ideas!

  1. Knitted Dress

Winter dresses for work are an ideal option: they’re warm enough for falling temperatures and smart enough to fit in the office dress code. A wide range of silhouettes, fabrics, and textures are available on the market today. So, choose your favorite, add an accessory (like a brooch or a colorful scarf) and enjoy your awesome office outfit.
winter office outfit ideas knitted dress

  1. Wide Leg Trousers

Are you a fashionista? In this case, wide leg trousers paired with a striped blouse is definitely your cup of tea! The only rule to follow: if trousers are monotonous – the upper is patterned; if trousers are checkered, polka-dot, striped, and so on – the upper is as simple as possible.
winter office outfit ideas wide legged pants

  1. Coat Games

For a sleek work-to-weekend ensemble, opt for a cool coat of bold color, with an interesting print, or with some outstanding details. Play with combinations: pair the coat with straight jeans, classic trousers, or a pair of breeches.
winter office outfit ideas coat

  1. Maxi & Midi Skirts

Style an oversized knit sweater with a midi or maxi folded skirt and ankle-high boots, don’t forget about a button-down underneath, add some accessories – and voila: your winter office outfit is ready!

winter office outfit ideas maxi skirt

  1. A Sweater over a Shirt

Throw on a cozy black sweater over a classic white button-down shirt and adjust the outfits with maroon jeans or trousers for a daily winter office uniform.

winter office outfit ideas sweater over shirt

  1. Office Suit Twists

Spice up a typical suit; give it a cool spin by styling it with a simple tee, in different colors and fabrics combinations. Add heels, and you’ll be good to go.

office suit twist

  1. Pencil Skirt

Surprisingly, but a pencil skirt can become your style resolution during the cold season. It goes down, highlighting the beautiful lines of your body, it’s the perfect knee-length. Also, with the same skirt, you can look different every time due to changing a blouse or a shirt.

Advice: buy a skirt made of stretch fabric with a warm lining, as it won’t feel hot in the office as well as cold winds outdoor won’t be able to get under the skirt.

winter office outfit ideas add colors

  1. Add Colors

In winter, the crowd resembles a gray-black mass without any single pop of bright color. Be bold and choose a colorful side: beginning with your coat and finishing with accessories. As for the office, try to dilute the image with clothes of milky, pink, green, and maroon colors. If you’re brave enough, experiment with red – show the colleagues that the dull weather hasn’t enslaved your optimistic attitude.

winter office outfit ideas add colors red

  1. Experiment with Layering

Remember that layering is the key when it comes to your ideal office uniform for the winter period. Combine a blouse with a warm coat, jacket or waistcoat; wear a monotonous dress with a bright cardigan over it, tied with a narrow belt. As soon as you learn how to create multi layered outfits, you will find out that there are much more winter office options than you could even imagine.

winter office outfit ideas layering

  1. Borrowed From the Boys

And, finally, a tricky hint for girls: style a menswear-inspired blazer and trousers with your perfect super-warm sweater underneath. A pair of sleek stiletto boots will create a win-win masculine-meets-feminine contrast, which looks so sexy but feels so comfy.

Winter Office Outfit Ideas - borrowed from boys


As you know from firsthand experience, taking a road trip (no matter whether it’s for business or pleasure purposes) can throw off your fitness routine or exercise regime. And it’s often the case when returned home, you suddenly realize that you’ve gained a couple of extra pounds because of the increased tendency to overindulge and disruption of regular exercise while traveling. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, lack of exercise not only expands your waistline, but can also lower your energy and concentration levels, though your trip requires you to be active and attentive. So to ensure that your hard work at home doesn’t go by the wayside on the road, here are a few tips on how to keep your waistline and calorie intake in check on the road.

exercise on road

Include workouts in your travel schedule

When you’re going to trip, you try to schedule everything from airline and hotel reservations to rental cars. Of course, you plan every detail in advance to enjoy your trip to the maximum. So why not plan your fitness on the road like you do a meeting or excursion? Make a calendar and put in it necessarily your exercise regime not only to enjoy your travel, but also to stay in shape.

Think about how you’ll exercise before you leave

Most hotels now offer gyms where you can work out while traveling. Find out if there is a gym at the hotel where you`re going to stay at, and fix the gym`s hours in your travel schedule. Don`t forget to clear up what range of equipment offers the gym to plan your workout routine depending on the opportunities available. Of course, you can use your hotel room to do some types of exercises like yoga stretches, sit-ups, etc. By the way, don`t schedule 1 or 2-hour workouts as you do at home, build your own shorter workout routine. Aim for 20 to 30 minute workouts during your trip.

Pack your workout gear

When you travel and want to stay fit, you should definitely pack your workout gear. Don`t forget to take several T-shirts, shorts and a pair of sneakers. If you don’t take them, you won’t be exercising. Keep in mind, that you should take the sneakers that will fit the types of exercise you plan to do. When you’re going to hit the hotel gym, it would be better to pack your CrossFit shoes. But if you pack a jumping rope, buy a good pair of shoes for jumping rope and for your trip.

Plan your nutrition for travel

Don’t forget to eat healthy and drink plenty of water while traveling. Eating healthy on the road means maximizing protein consumption, eating vegetables, limiting liquid calories and never making “two mistakes” in a row. Protein builds muscles and it can be also incredibly filling. You should eat a lot of vegetables as like a protein they’re full of nutrients and contain very few calories. Avoid drinking alcohol and sweet drinks. It would be better to drink water to stay well-hydrated and satisfy hunger. But even if it happens that you allowed yourself any caloric product for one meal, your next meal has to be healthy.

So stay fit on the road can be done. As you see, it’s not so difficult to do. Just stay mindful of your goals, and for best results, use the above tips.

Many people have often dreamed of living life on the road, but relatively few ever actually make it happen. Part of the reason for this might be fear, or in some cases it could be a case of simply being unprepared. But if it is something you would like to try your hand at, there is no reason not to give it a go. Before you do, however, you should be aware that there are a number of things to consider in order to make it both possible, and as enjoyable as you can. Let’s look at whether or not you are genuinely prepared for this fascinating and novel shift in your life.

Getting Around

Obviously enough, you are going to need a reliable and strong way to get around, and that means you will need to find a vehicle which you feel you can trust in the long term. There are a number of options you have here, but one of the most popular is to use a camper trailer. You can be sure of getting around in a solid vehicle, and always having somewhere to stay at the same time. Alternatively, you could consider a smaller caravan, or maybe you are thinking of really roughing it and just camping as you drive around in any other vehicle. Whatever you decide upon, you need to be able to get around as you please, so this is probably the first thing to look for.

Providing Food

You will need to find a reliable and ongoing source of food and water if you want to live life on the road, and that can be surprisingly hard to do. Once again, it all depends on just how far you want to take the whole idea, but if you are keen to go all out then you might need to make sure that you are capable with finding your own food in the wild. Alternatively, you could consider using stores and markets and make it a little easier for yourself. But however you do it, you must be sure that you are going to be able to feed yourself and whoever else might be travelling with you.

Knowing Where To Go
It’s not a bad idea to have some sense of where you aim to go, even if it is only a very generic sense and not an absolute and detailed plan. Knowing pretty much where you intend to go will mean that you will feel much more prepared, and it will also enable you to have a little more of a sense of direction and purpose, something which can be enormously satisfying and, for many people, hugely important for life in general. Plan as much as you feel you need to personally, and you will be much happier throughout. The more you know what you are doing, the more likely it is that you will be able to achieve it.

Spoil Yourself

Everyone needs a holiday at some point, but most of the time it’s hard to get the money together for something you really want, but there are holidays out there for everyone! Just because some holidays seem expensive, doesn’t mean they can’t be matched for lower prices. In fact, there are many services which offer a large variety of deals to help you find your perfect holiday. Doing your research will certainly help you bag the best buy you can get, so put in that time and get yourself away.

Sometimes that get-away from all the busyness is essential, especially if you lead a stressful life. You want to make sure that you don’t end up going on a trip that will cause you too much strain, or ending up somewhere you feel wasn’t worth your money due to a poor advertisement; at which point, is it even fair to call it a holiday? What’s worse is, most people can’t afford to go on holiday for more reasons than one. In a lot of cases having a job is something you need to work around, but for most people, their family can make it awkward to pick the right times to get abroad.

Fun with family

Trying to find a holiday to match your family can be difficult, especially if you have a tight budget. However you need to make sure you can fit your holiday in at a time best for everyone, so you have very specific needs for your vacation. Do not threat though! Like mentioned before, there are many services around to help you find something to fit you and your family no matter what you’re looking for. Maybe you want to take everyone to a hot country, and have your vacation packed full of beaches and ice cream, because who doesn’t love ice cream?

You might be looking for something more appealing to your kids, and in most cases, theme parks and such tend to come to quite a high price; and for a lot of families, that can be off-putting. However, you don’t need to rule it out straight away, as a lot of parks don’t only offer interests for the children but the parents too! Family holidays at theme parks aren’t the only plans you might expect to save money on, maybe your kids are too old for them and you want to go somewhere new, there are opportunities for that also!


Be Adventurous

For some, a big part of going on holiday is the adventure as it brings you new experiences, and you get to see all new forms of nature and culture! It may be that you don’t want to travel with others and you want to go off alone, or as a pair. There are so many pretty locations to visit in the world, and not visiting some of them could mean missing out big time. You might find that going on your own adventure will work out cheaper too, as you don’t have to pay for all of the holiday services you would get with vacation deals and bundles, and nor do you need them. So get out there in the world and explore!

Having new experiences on your holiday can make it so much more exciting and refreshing, which in the long run makes it so much more precious. Especially if like mentioned before, having a holiday isn’t a common experience for you, then you need to make sure the ones you DO get are worth it. Else you could be waiting all year round and regretting your last “holiday experience”, so plan properly!

If you’re a true adventurer, you’re likely to have a bucket list or at least a good idea of a few things that you would love to do before you die. The world is a wonderful place, so magical experiences can take place all across the globe. Here are a few things that you should definitely do if you have the chance.


  1. See The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is exactly that, grand. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon has the power to amaze and excite, so it’s definitely not to be missed on your travels, especially if you’re visiting The U.S anyway.

  1. Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is absolutely amazing, and you will never forget the thrill of spotting your first whale. Luckily, there are so many places across the world to spot whales, so you may find that your next holiday destination is also a great place to go whale watching. Popular whale watching destinations include Canada, Iceland, Scotland, South Africa, and New Zealand.

  1. See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a truly phenomenal sight, and definitely shouldn’t be missed. They look completely different every single time, varying from neon green, to bright white, to fiery red, and every other colour of the rainbow.  

  1. Go On A Safari

Safaris, particularly African safaris, are like no other experience in the world. They give you an opportunity to view some of the world’s most magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, while you relax in the back of a lovely four by four. As amazing as they are, they don’t have to be expensive; There are plenty of budget safaris available, so there’s no excuse not to go on one.

  1. Float Down Eli Creek

If it’s a relaxing experience that you’re after, then there’s nothing like floating down Eli Creek. Eli Creek, which is located on Fraser Island in Australia, is also a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and camping, and the island itself is home to some amazing creatures, like dingoes and turtles.

  1. Wall The Great Wall Of China

If you’re up for it, then walking, running, or cycling the length of The Great Wall Of China is incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike (although it takes a lot of preparation). If you don’t think you’re quite fit enough to scour the entire length, then hike just part of it, or take cable cars or helicopter rides over it.

  1. Dive The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a truly magical place, so if you ever get the opportunity to dive there, then seize the opportunity with both hands. If you don’t feel comfortable scuba diving, then simply snorkelling will help you to see a range of magnificent underwater creatures.

If these phenomenal things aren’t already on your bucket list, then they certainly should be. There are so many amazing things that you can you can do in your lifetime, so don’t waste any opportunities, get out there, and get exploring.

The world is full of places that people want to see, foods that they want to taste and cultures to experience. Travelling is often cited as a young person’s game: backpacking is the calling card of the gap year crowd and one of the most popular places that they all go? Europe.

Europe during the summer months of the year can be a crowded, busy place to see. The hottest months encourage the tourists, and when you are spending time jumping from country to country it can get expensive in the peak months of the year. Of course, if you’re going to take a year out and see Europe, you can see all climates, visit all beaches and experience skiing in some of the best mountain resorts. During those busy months, the hostels and the resorts are packed with people from all over the world, giving you the chance to meet new people and make new friends. The summer makes the sun dance off of the sand and when you add in the sheer range of festivals available across Europe throughout the year, you can make sure you pack in as many experiences as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.57.35 PM

Planning your backpacking trip can be as complicated or as easy as you want it to be. Before you get started, though, you have to decide how long you are going for, whether you’re travelling alone and what documents you need. Your insurance for travel is going to be varied depending on how long you are staying on your trip for. The situation with your visas is going to be delicate, as there is a lot you will need to research before you go, and you also need to plot your trip so that you get to see everything that you want to see. So, where do you start?

Firstly, you need to buy your ticket to where you want to go first. Still stuck on that bit? Go where the airfare is the cheapest and start your trip from there. The reason you should start where it’s cheapest, is that flights tend to be the biggest expense of a trip. The next thing that you need to do is stop trawling the internet looking for tips on planning your backpacking trip. There are so many different websites and different ways of doing things, you can find yourself totally overloaded with information and instructions. This type of confusion can really put you off the trip altogether, so it’s best to stay away. Information may well give us some power, but it can also make us chicken out of the biggest trip ever!

Once you’ve got your first ticket, you can relax. Europe has everything that you need for cultural experiences, and that first ticket is the first step on a new adventure. We’ve got some tips for getting the most out of your backpacking experience, so that your time in Europe is as well spent as it can be.

Pick Your Season

You could be planning to spend a year out of your life and seeing one of the greatest continents on the planet, but you have to start somewhere! We mentioned how busy things can be during the peak summer season, so it makes sense to start in the Eastern Europe area. The Baltic cities and Slovenian mountains are a great start to getting the most out of your cash. When the autumn months start approaching, change course and go toward the Mediterranean. Everyone loves visiting the coastlines, and they are less busy at this time of the year. The winter months bring around the skiing season at its peak, giving you the chance to sample some of the best Swiss mountain resorts. When the spring season comes through, heading to the Netherlands and France can give you the chance to see some beautiful blooms.

Travel By Train

Your initial journey to get to Europe may well be by air, but the remainder of your trip should be by rail where possible. You can really appreciate how diverse Europe is, while saving a lot of money! Overnight sleeper trains from country to country helps you to avoid accommodation costs, and depending on your budget, you can get everywhere you need to go with the right rail pass. Check out these tips for train travel through Europe.

ski europe

Be Smart About Accommodation

You may have your mind on your money, but don’t panic. Accommodation throughout Europe needn’t be a huge expense. The hostels that are available throughout Europe can virtually guarantee a trip of a lifetime, because even in the priciest destinations, the hostels can be cheaper than you expect them to be. You can even save money by choosing to camp out during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like heading to a beach or cove and camping out under the stars. Always search and book in advance: there are plenty of Facebook sites and review websites that are around to check the opinions of previous backpackers.

Be A Festival Goer

One thing that Europe has going for it, is its sheer volume of festivals and concerts that can be seen. Planning your trip so that your itinerary takes you to some of the biggest ones out there is going to make a huge difference to your trip. Plan in advance for these, because the St Patrick’s Day shindigs in Dublin, the Roskilde festival in Denmark and the Ivrea battle of oranges all get booked up pretty quickly. You need to party like a local and book your accommodation and train travel to get you to your destination before you leave.

Cultural Immersion Matters

When you visit new cities, you need to act like a local. Find the eateries off the beaten track. Sample the local cuisines and street foods and make a point of trying the local wineries. Shunning the tourist traps and sitting down like a local for their most popular cuisine can mean your backpacking budget stays secure, which is exactly what you want to do! Keep your budget intact but eat like a King on your travels. Tapas in Spain, spaghetti in Italy and continental breakfasts in France can give you the chance to taste the culture as much as see it. Europe holds some of the world’s greatest cuisines and it would be a shame to miss it!

Embrace The Outdoors

There are a lot of things to see and do in Europe, from museums and galleries to shopping and built up capital cities. The one thing that most backpackers forget, is that there are a great deal of open areas and scenery to be appreciated. Horse riding in the mountains, cave diving on the coast and cross-country skiing in Norway are all experiences that you need to have to fully appreciate the diversity in cultures in Europe. Soaking up the scenery from the sunrise to the stars can give you a bucketful of memories to take home with you.


Off The Beaten Track

There are an awful lot of tours and traps across Europe that you can get sucked into. The wonders of the cities and the experiences you can gain while you’re touring the continent alone mean that you can find so many places to visit off the beaten track. Go under the radar and hit the towns that are lesser known in the guidebooks but are just as relevant and beautiful as the capitals. Try out Olomouc in the Czech Republic, which is very much like Prague but with a lot less people to contend with. There are cobblestones for miles and delicious food to try, so much so you won’t regret it at all.

Be Safe

Touring a whole new continent with city after city of people and trains means there are a lot of opportunities for your safety to be compromised. It’s one of those subjects no one wants to talk about, but safety is absolutely key when you are travelling through a new continent. It’s not the best idea to walk around with an obviously expensive camera around your neck, nor is it advisable to be obvious about your cash. Money belts and ensuring you padlock your backpack and wallet is key. Where you can, keep electronic copies of your passport, visas, insurance documents and tickets so that if you ever misplace your paperwork you have a back-up. You will meet a lot of new people when you’re travelling, but keep your distance where you can until you know people better. You can never be too careful when it comes to your safety.

Going for a year out to travel the world should be a fun experience, not one that causes stress and upset. Plot your route based on the things you’re interested in the most, especially cuisine, and you should always try to keep a journal of your experiences as you go. Documenting how you feel as well as the things you see gives you something to look back on one day – don’t miss the chance!

The winter with its longer nights and the season’s chill can sometimes make us long for the warmer months of summer. This sometimes manifests itself in us researching next summer’s family holidays in a bid to escape the wintry gloom. But planning ahead is always a wise move and if you’re planning on visiting a Disney attraction in particular then the only consideration will be where to stay during your time away. In that respect, there is a case to be made for booking your family holiday with a Disney World Resort hotel as the benefits usually far outweigh the cost.

disney land

Amazing Value for an Amazing Experience

On the surface, the cost of booking your stay at the Disney World Resort hotel may seem a little more costly than that of other local hotels or short-term rental options. In effect, opting for the official resort hotel may very well help to save you a lot of money due to the perks and benefits you get as a guest right there in a Disney World Hotel . Anyone who has taken young children to Disneyland will know that we end up spending on things we didn’t intend to just to see our children happy, and go over budget as a result.

But with the amazing perks on offer for Disney World resort hotel guest, all these extra experiences are provided for a reduced fee, or are given out regularly as free perks. Privileges include unlimited use of Disney transportation throughout the resort, exclusive opening hours just for hotel guests, and even having your shopping delivered to your room so you don’t have to lug it around all day! In addition to this, you’ll also get complimentary magic bands and Disney Fast-pass planning that gives you easier access to rides and therefore you get to experience more of them and more enjoyment.

Other perks of staying on site for your Disney holiday are the complimentary coach transport which can take you straight from the airport to your selected Disney World Resort Hotel. Complementary luggage delivery is included in the package and for families with young children; this can turn out to be a godsend, particularly if everyone is tired from the journey. Another great perk of staying at the resort hotel that families will love are the Disney Dining Plans. The plans offer a great value way to keep both the kids and adults satisfied and well fed during your stay at the Disney resort through teaming up with nearby food locations to offer you amazing variety and discounts.

The long list of dining plan perks includes two self-service meals, unlimited beverage refills, and two snacks per guest per each nights stay. There are also other tiers of the plans including the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan which provides an improved option of three self-service or waiter service meals.

In conclusion, the points made above show that in the long run, it’s worth considering booking your next Disney holiday at an official resort hotel. The perks made available to guests mean that you actually stand to save money throughout the course of your stay, and you get to experience the resort with easier access and in a much more in-depth.

The land down under really does have it all. Tropical weather, stunning beaches, incredible cities, extraordinary wildlife, wilderness and so much more. Regardless of the type of vacation you’re after, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Australia so if this is a place you’ve always wanted to go to but are yet to visit, there are plenty of reasons to make it your next vacation. If you’re planning your trip, here are a few interesting places to look into.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven wonders of the natural world, the colossal Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth and can even be seen from space. Located off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, it’s made up of thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands, molluscs, fish, hard and soft coral and so much more. There are lots of different dives and tours, with companies, you can even go whale watching. Expect to see everything from manta rays to sea snakes thousands of varieties of incredible fish species. You could go scuba diving, snorkelling or hire a yacht and navigate the waters yourself. It’s a must- see if you visit Australia, chances are this will be on your bucket list already since it’s such a spectacular sight.

great b r

Australian Cities and Beaches

If a city break is more your thing, you will be spoiled for choice with Australia. You have Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and many more to choose from, where you can go shopping, visit attractions, dine out and enjoy the hustle and bustle. But best of all, because Australia’s cities are along the coast, you’re never too far away from the beach too. This means you have the unique opportunity to split your time between a city break and a beach vacation without much travel. Once you’ve shopped til you dropped and need a break from the busy city, you can head down to the beach and lie in a hammock while sipping a cocktail. Perfect!

gold coastThe Outback

If you want to do something completely different, how about exploring the fascinating yet challenging terrain of the outback? There are tours and camel treks, you can head into the wilderness and really feel what it’s like to be away from everyone and everything. You will see species of animals and geological formations that exist nowhere else on earth. Take Purnululu National Park known as ‘Bungles’ for example. The landscape is dominated by orange and black striped domes or the ‘Three Sisters’ an incredible trio of rocks standing proud at nine hundred metres tall. There are mountains, waterfalls, gorges and so much more. Many people report having a spiritual experience in the outback, being disconnected from the rest of the world can help you tap into your true self.

Whether you want excitement, romance, relaxation or a spiritual awakening, Australia is the ideal place for your next vacation. So do some research and make note of some of the incredible places you want to visit while you’re on your trip.

We spend a lot of our lives in our work clothing. Whilst some dress codes are fairly restrictive, many smart casual dress codes offer a lot of freedom, and yet many of still choose to stick to the same drab clothes day in and day out. Spicing up your work wardrobe could help bring more excitement to your morning routine and could make you feel happier and more confident throughout the day. Here are just a few small ways that you can make your work outfit more exciting.

Try bold colours

There’s no need to settle for blacks, greys and beige. Many bright colours can still be made formal. Colour psychology could even help you to be better at your job – sky blue is often associate with good communication, whilst red is a colour of passion and power. Try opting for brightly coloured blouses and dresses. These can be a great statement piece. If you’re not brave enough to do this, you could simply try bold coloured shoes and a bag. It’s best to not be too matchy-matchy as this could give off a cartoonish vibe that ruins your professionalism (i.e. don’t opt for a yellow blouse, trousers and shoes).

Wear a watch

A watch is a great accessory that makes you appear more organised to clients. There are lots of trendy watches out there too choose from that don’t cost a lot. You could have a few watches to swap and change between or you could swap the strap every so often to vary things up. If you’re looking for a designer watch, you may be able to save money by shopping second hand.


Scarf out

Scarves are also great accessories that can help to make a bland outfit more exciting. There are lots of ways to wear a scarf to add some variation – you can add a French knot, turn it into a shawl and even use them as a headband. Experiments with different colours, textures and patterns.

Embrace bling

For a touch of sophistication, why not add some jewellery? Whilst you don’t want to go too blingy, it’s worth having a statement piece. This could be a big necklace or large earrings. Large bangles may get in the way whilst typing or clang distractingly so it may be worth keeping these subtle. Some workplaces may also have rules in place against facial jewellery such as nose rings (some workplaces may disallow jewellery altogether due to health and safety reasons if food is being handled or machinery is being used). Stay classy and project a sense of professionalism.

Give prints a go

Many prints can be incorporated into workplace attire. Floral designs are great for adding some energy and are generally classy. There’s also a recent trend for tartan print clothing. This can be made tasteful when incorporated into a single piece of clothing such as a scarf or a skirt. Stripes can also work well providing they’re not too big and bold, whilst chequered clothing may also work in some more laid-back work environments. As a rule, steer clear of leopard and animal prints however – you may be able to get away with the odd flourish, but too much could feel tacky.

Be seasonal

Keeping your clothing changing with the seasons can keep it feeling fresh. Much of this can be done through the colours you choose. Greens and browns work well in the autumn, whilst whites and pinks and blues can make you stand out in winter. You may be able to find patterns that reflect certain seasons such as blossom in spring and leafy patterns in the autumn. When it comes to footwear, this can also be made seasonal. The winter is a great time for taking out those thick and furry boots and finding new ways to match clothes with them. In summer meanwhile you can consider dolly shoes and gladiator sandals. Remember to keep these shoes within the formality of the workplace – many workplaces have strict rules when it comes to footwear.

The ‘winter funk’ is something we’re all familiar with. As the sun prefers the other half of the planet for around three months, the lack of vitamin D we feel can lead to a lack of positive mood. People are much more likely to get depressed and feel lethargic around winter, and that can lead to a number of issues. Everyone will experience a winter funk at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to be relied on.

While getting out of bed in the morning is surely that little more difficult when it’s cold outside and your bed is so comfortable and warm, that doesn’t mean the rest of your day should feel as rough as those first few minutes. We’re offering five memorable tips to keep you out of the winter funk feeling, so you can achieve and feel wonderful all winter long, as you hope to.

get out winter

Festive Plans

Christmas is the time where people who are alone feel their loneliness much more acutely. For this reason, it’s important to make solid festive plans with your friends and family. If you have neither friends or family, you can be sure that your local church or community hall will have something on. If you contribute to a hobby outside of your four walls, you have an excuse to leave the house around Christmas. Just getting out and social with people can help you to no end in the first instance, so it’s important to consider that here and make sure you try your best to nurture connections well in advance.


If your normal day includes getting up, driving to work, sitting all day in an office, coming home and then repeating the process, you aren’t actually enveloping yourself in the winter cold. Avoiding outside is relatively simple to do when the nights are cold, and there’s seemingly little to do outside. Getting in nature, even though it’s dying is important to do here.

Staying within four walls might be warm, but it rarely affords you any satisfaction. If that means walking partly to work in the crisp morning to wake you up, or attending cold sports events in the evening, feeling the cold can be healthy for your system and shock you into being aware and less lethargic.


It’s no lie to say that getting a makeover could help you in a wonderful way. Sometimes, we feel in a funk because we believe our life is not moving at the pace it should be, and it demotivates us. When we’re demotivated, we look at ourselves in a certain way. Over time, we start to become insecure, and maybe even pay less attention to the way we look. This can lead to a whole host of issues, as it’s a slippery slope.

If this sounds like you, it might be time for a makeover. Purchase some new fine threads, ones that make you feel wonderful, are in fashion and fit your frame well. This will help you physically show yourself that you are worthy of such clothing. Wearing it will make you feel fantastic, and you’ll look wonderful. It’s amazing how great you can feel when you look fresh and updated.

Hopefully, these tips will help your winter funk either stay prevented, or stay short-lived.


If you love site seeing and live in Sydney, you’ll be running out of options very quickly in terms of interesting/exciting sites to see. It is such not a positive note to start with but it is what it is. There’s an Opera House and a Harbour Bridge and lots of beautiful beaches packed with people when weather is warm. Within a couple of hour’s drive, there are blue mountains, central coast and south coast. That’s it.

Out of boredom, I went to blue mountains again one weekend not long ago. It is still very beautiful and very touristy. Almost everyone visiting speaks one kind of foreign language.

A short walk along one of those walking tracks and sitting on the rocks in the sun did wonders for my spirit – I felt happy and alive. Maybe that’s exactly what I need right now: going out for a walk.

short ship to blue mountains-3 short ship to blue mountains-4 short ship to blue mountains-5 short ship to blue mountains-2 short ship to blue mountains

Growing strong and beautiful nails is really not that hard. If you don’t like how they look at the moment, simply change your nail care habits and replace them with the healthier ones below. You will be surprised to know that some popular treatments and practices are actually harmful for your nails! So draw a new beauty plan and welcome stronger nails with the following tips.

perfect nails

1. Leave your cuticles alone.

While the idea may not go well with your manicurist, it is essential to keep your cuticles. They serve a protective function for nails, creating a natural barrier against fungus and bacteria. Without them, infection can easily spread onto your nail beds and cause permanent nail damage. So stop cutting the cuticles or pushing them back! Instead, keep them healthy, moisturized, and looking great with nourishing cuticle oils.

2. Rethink nail hardeners.

You want nail strengtheners, like Innisfree‘s Nail Strengthener, not nail hardeners. Unless your nails are especially fragile, nail hardeners tend to do more harm than good. Healthy nails are flexible nails, not hard. If your nails are hard, they are likely to become more brittle and easily breakable.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Do not just stop at moisturizing your cuticles – spread the love to your entire nail bed! Not only will this enhance the appearance of your nails, this practice will also allow them to grow much stronger. Dryness leads to breakage, and a little splash of nourishing oil can help a lot to stop the chipping, cracking, and splitting.

4. Do at-home nail treatments.

Yes, it is easier to pay a visit to your favorite nail salon, but studies show that those who regularly get professional manicures and pedicures are most likely to have dry, brittle nails and have chronic nail bed infections. This is because of the frequent chemical exposure, plus the tools that are used on your nails. Give your nails a break on certain occasions and have an at-home nail treatment. Hydrate and moisturize them using natural products and ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda, and olive oil.

5. Skip acetone-based polish removers.

Remove this item from your nail care beauty bag. It only makes your nails more brittle by stripping them dry. It’s even better if you choose to stop using any product that is laden with harsh chemicals. The most common offenders are gel polishes, acrylic nail glue, acetone soaks, and acetone nail polish remover. These are packed with chemical irritants that damage the nails and cause brittleness, dryness, and thinning. Be more selective about the items you place on your nails and opt for non-toxic and acetone-free products for better results.

6. Eat well.

This list will not be complete without mentioning a proper diet. Strong nails begin from the inside. Eat food high in antioxidants to protect your cells from free radical damage. Boost nail strength with iron that comes from leafy greens. If you want smoother vertical ridges, load up on food high in magnesium like almonds. There is nothing like good food to bring out the best in your nails.

Unfortunately I’m not the healthiest person in the world. As a matter of fact, I’m quite fragile.

I’ve been adjusting toa new environment in the last few months and feeling exhausted most of the times.

How to manage to do more in a day than just to go to work, eat and sleep? How to have more energy and less pain?

People say exercise can give us more energy but what if I don’t have any energy to exercise?

There must be a way to get out of this lethargic state! No matter how hard it is for me, I must try.

I’ll eat more healthy food like kale, nuts, chia seeds;

I’ll take iron tablets, Vitamin C… whatever is required by my body;

I’ll go for long walks on my limited days off work.

Speaking of walks, I’m quite fond of Norah Head Lighthouse walk. It’s 2 hours drive away from Sydney but worth the drive for sure.

Norah Head Lighthouse main


Norah Head Lighthouse_-2 Norah Head Lighthouse_

Norah Head Lighthouse_-3