Weekly Motivation: Order! I Must Have Order

Sydney had heavy rains and hail storm for a week. Instead of going out at night & on the weekend, I stayed at home tidying up. Slowly our home comes in order and I couldn't be happier. You see, I'm still slowly adjusting to…
maintain good body posture

Weekly Motivation: Maintain A Good Body Posture

When I was little, my mum used to follow & watch me when I walked on the street. Later she would tell me: Remember to keep your head up, just like there's someone pulling your hair up. As a little kid, I was a sloucher. And mum…

3 Steps Of Creating Long Lasting Habits

I have a confession to make. I love eating and am kind of lazy. I don’t like exercise … much. Thanks to my parents, I’ve never had overweight problems. But I did feel sluggish and guilty after a long period of being inactive. Then…
Stick to a routine

Weekly Motivation: Stick to My Morning Routine

The common saying is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. To me, it definitely takes much longer than that. Consciously developing habits is new to me and I'm finding my ways slowly. Since the beginning of 2015, I've been making baby…

Weekly Motivation: Focus

Just a quick reminder of being focus. Focus on the main goal and focus on the task on hand. Don't get distracted so easily.