Apocalypse – 2012 Goals Review

As everybody kept talking about Apocalypse, the end of the world,  I shook my head and found it hard to accept the cruel and relentless marching on time,”it can’t be 22nd of December already. It’s like, early October, the latest. In 2008.”

 At the beginning of this year, I wrote out my goals for 2012. Since it’s Apocalyse today, there’s no better time to review my goals of the year, to see how far I’ve come. It’s time to see what needs improvement, how to grow further, if there’s tomorrow or next year. So here it goes..

Keep a clean desk – the whole year: Significant improvement compared to last year. Still need to do a much better job.

Exercise 4 times a week: Hmm. Not v good. Need to stay motivated all time.

Be a consistent winner in FX trading: A roller-coaster ride. Think I finally found the secret to FX trading.

Be a better friend, sister and daughter: Been very good. On top of that, got engaged and married to my best friend and soul mate. Sounds unreal hey? But it’s true:). Next year’s goal will be harder though: be a better wife…

Travel the world again: Traveled overseas twice this year. Very happy.

Read more and blog more: Bad. Not reading enough. So much to read, so little time. But no excuse, ok?

Grow more vegetables: Tomatoes died (sob) -not enough sunlight. Spinach is growing like weed – good. Found super power fertilizer. Spring onion is looking healthy.

That’s it. I’ve done it, something scary. This is the first time I had personal written goals and actually took time to review it. Promise I’ll do better next year. It’s going to be the whole new world from tomorrow right? And hopefully by the end of next year, I’ll be able to get myself a pair of pants like this:


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