10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

It’s winter in Sydney and reported to be the coldest winter in the last 30 – 40 years.
So what we do when it’s cold? EAT.

Oh yeah. I love having fried pork ribs or chicken for dinner
and rich chocolate mud cake for desert nowadays.
The thought of these foods make me happy, let along eating them.

But, there’s a big but. While I’m not denying the pleasure of having deserts and fried meat, I must try to consume everything in moderation. What foods can help maintain your well being and healthy weight?

Here are 10 foods that help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight:

1. Almond seeds
10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Rich in antioxidant, Vitamin E, fiber and protein. They fill you up and help control weight gain.

2. Apples

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Again they help you crush cravings because they contain natural sugar and are filled with water. It is a slow process to chew an apple.. Remember what they say? Eat slowly and you’ll feel full sooner.:)

3. Coffee

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Love coffee. Not sure if it’s correct to classify coffee as food but nevertheless, one or two coffee a day can not only help you stay awake but also helps your metabolism.
I only consume one cup a day now but maybe 2 cups are acceptable too.

4. Eggs

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Eggs are very helpful when you want to lose weight fast. New research shows you could lose around 1kg a month just by eating eggs for breakfast.

5. Sweet Potatoes

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Love roast sweet potatoes. So easy to cook and so tasty. It make is even better because they are sweet!

6.Dark Chocolate

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
The bitterness of dark Chocolate helps crush cravings.

7. Tofu

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Not very tasty, so J refuses to eat them. But research shows Tofu helps stop food cravings so if you want to feel full quickly, try tofu.


10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
A bowl of warm oats with honey for breakfast in Winter… So Satisfying! Wait, there’s more. A 15 year study has found that oats lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

9.Green Tea

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
I’m a Chinese but hardly drinking any green tea. Must incorporate drinking green tea in my afternoon routine.

10. Salmon

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight
I can have Salmon for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Being next to Sydney fish market gives me easy access to fresh Salmon.
So I’m quite happy Salmon is on the list.

All in All these foods are full of healthy nutrition and help you feel full. All of them are easy to work with too.
So next time, before you order that fired chicken again, have a look of this list.:)

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  1. Maria
    Maria says:

    Everyones body is different and everyone looses weight differently. Some say its easy, some say its hard. I personally think its hard in the beginning ( just like almost everyone ) but when you get use to it and keep the determination and mix physical activities so your body won’t get used to the same routine everyday, then you’ll get there. May take months may take years. Eather way, you’re doing it and not giving up.


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