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So, You Love Your Holiday Spot So Much, You Never Want to Leave

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You’ve found a new holiday spot that you love. Maybe you found it a while ago, and you can’t help coming back again and again. In fact, you love it so much that you never want to leave. No, really. How can you stay there forever? Sometimes you fall in love with somewhere so much that you start looking for ways to make a more permanent move, or at least to come back as often as you want. It might feel a little crazy at first, but it’s not an uncommon thing to do. So what do you do when you find somewhere you never want to leave? You might not be able to live there forever, but you do have a few options.

2017-03-17 11.20.39

Get a Holiday Home

The first thing that might come to mind is buying a holiday home. It’s a big step, but it’s also not the most drastic leap. If you keep coming back to the same place, it makes sense to have a base where you can feel at home when you visit. You can get a property somewhere with other holidaymakers, or it could be somewhere you can settle into local life. And when you’re not using the property, you could rent it out to others. However, you do need to check the rules about buying a property if you’re not a citizen and offering short-term rentals too.

Get Another Passport

On the other end of the scale, there are more drastic measures you might take. Returning to another country again and again isn’t always easy, as there are often visa rules about how often you can visit and stay. One interesting option requires you to have a bit of cash. If you are able to invest money in certain countries, you can effectively buy yourself citizenship. Services like Interpass guide you through the process and provide information on the countries where you might want to go. Another option for some people is applying for a second passport if they have dual citizenship but have never looked into having two passports.

Take a Working Holiday

Perhaps you’re just thinking about spending a slightly longer period of time in your favourite place. Much of the time, 90 days is the maximum you’re allowed as a tourist. But several countries offer working holiday programmes that allow you to stay for a year or more. There’s the UK, the US, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Denmark, and many more. You just need to check that people with your citizenship and age are eligible.

Consider Making the Move

If you love somewhere so much you want to move there, you don’t have to apply for citizenship. However, the process to start a life there could be long, and you’ll need to be able to support yourself. Of course, if your new favourite holiday spot is in your home country, it makes things a lot easier. But if you’re going overseas, it could take a long time to plan and execute your move.
When you’ve fallen in love with a place, you never want to go. But maybe it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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