Happy Days

For the last 3 and half days, I’ve been just been enjoying doing simple things that made me physically busy but mentally relaxing.

Ever since I put this post “9 reasons why I want to learn how to cook properly” up more than a year ago, not much cooking has been done in my kitchen until the last few days. During this holiday season, I’ve happily spend quite sometime preparing meals and trying  new recipes. The result was very pleasing and I’m glad that I finally baked something. Though it wasn’t exactly baked desert like what I planned to do in this holiday season, a delicious spinach pie was made. We stocked up too many deserts for this Christmas and we simply couldn’t handle more deserts!

I’ve also spent some quality time with my parents and took them to Manly beach on Christmas Day. The ocean water was still on the cooler side but what a wonderful feeling it was to dip into the cold, refreshing water and then to soak up in the warm sun. By now I’m totally tanned and fatten up to be the unattractive dark, fat person (黑胖子)by the standard of my Chinese friends. But who really cares? I’m feeling relaxed and happy.

Later my friend – I’m off to try another new recipe now.


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